SxS 2

Is it time for shipping in Servant x Service?? I’ve found my O.T.P and it was too good for me to not like it or roll my eyes at the cute. In my first post on Servant x Service, I’d mentioned not wanting any romance to be apart of the “plot”, but watching Hasebe and Lucy (the main characters of interest in this episode) I can’t help but want to see something more happen between them.

Basically, this episode showed the contrast between Lucy’s and Hasebe’s personality. And there were more boob jokes.

Lucy it's time to go shopping dear...
Lucy it’s time to go shopping dear…

This chick, with her mega-ultra boobs, was going to work with a bra that only had one functional hook?? That bra is golden to have lasted that long. I hope Lucy gives it a proper send off before she gets her other pairs of bras. If she didn’t realize now, she must know now. Her breasts are DEFINITELY not small.

As I mentioned earlier though, this episode mainly focused on Lucy’s and Hasebe’s contrasting personalities. From this episode a lot can be assumed about Lucy’s past and how it affected her. She’s hard-working and easy to get along with but is awkward, lacks self-confidence and feels the need to always show her ability to do things on her own. She’s affected by what people say about her and it shows – a lot. She’s pretty and has an enormous chest, so – as in all anime – it’s clear that she bears some scars from her school days. Boys liked her and girls hated her – and probably also spread nasty rumors about her and judged her harshly.

Hasebe is such a sweetheart
Hasebe is such a sweetheart

Hasebe, on the other hand, is carefree, doesn’t care what people have to say about him and makes himself comfortable anywhere. This guy has an abundance of talents and it’s a hilarious irony that he’s such a slacker with such great skills. He’s a ventriloquist, is perfect at sign language and can do his job if he wants to – he’s even better than Ichimaya but he’s just a chronic procrastinator. He chose the ward office because nothing else interested him and it’s great that he chose the ward office, because Lucy is there. Romance!

SxS 5Getting her email address was his main goal throughout the course of this episode, and each time he got Lucy alone (he stalked her in this episode), he kept forgetting what he wanted. I don’t understand his obsession with collecting girls’ email addresses because, according to him, he never uses them but it’s his little hobby. I bet he’d use Lucy’s own once he gets it, ohohohoho.

It’s really fun watching their relationship and I hope that element of the show remains as it progresses. I’m not sure if Hasebe actually likes Lucy, or if he just has fun teasing her. Trying to ascertain his true motives is throwing me off because I want to just know already if he actually likes her. I’m not sure if Lucy likes him but, it is obvious that she admires him.

She’s also afraid of lightening and thunder! But during that scene, she didn’t give me that cute little run into Hasebe’s arms when the thunder sounded – like I got in Ouran High School Host Club and Mermaid Melody. But from the tone of Servant x Service, I don’t think it will go into any serious romance developments. It’s probably just a little tease, so I won’t take anything that happens here too seriously, lest I be disappointed from having expectations.

SxS 3Lucy wanted to repay Hasebe for all the kind things he did for her (carrying her out to dinner, getting a child to calm down, covering for her when she slacked off a bit from work). He requested her tell him her boob size – as a joke (Lucy’s a real nut) – and she did. By Hasebe’s shocked expression, I’m guessing she’s a size…”G” or “H”?

This episode was hilarious and Touko showed up in the first half to have lunch with her brother. I guess she’ll pop up from time to time and I don’t mind that. I don’t really mind her.

SxS 6This part was too funny!