“You need to embrace the fact that you’re a demon now!”

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Synopsis: Blood Lad follows Staz, a vampire that is obsessed with the human world, and Fuyumi, a human girl that was killed and turned into a ghost after wandering into the demon world. Staz promises to help Fuyumi regain her humanity by bringing her back to life, as it means that he would be able to visit the human world.


 Ah, Staz, what a terrible demon you are. Not terrible in the sense that you’re horrifying and do horrifying things, but in the sense that you are so very truly bad at doing the aforementioned. That said, you really are overpowered. You paralyzed that Ogre with a stare? You know, I had a teacher who could paralyze people with his stare… Now he was a scary f*cker!

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Is it just me, or does this girl look really disproportional?

 Let’s discuss Staz’s ‘miracle spray’… you know when people say ‘say it don’t spray it’? Apparently Staz didn’t get the memo. I mean seriously, vampire spit gives Staz the ability to make himself appear normal/not look like a complete freak when he’s running around taking pictures of cars?! What kind of oddness is this? On a more serious note however, does this mean they’re going to keep introducing different abilities for Staz to use to make sure he remains overpowered? One of the things I like about shows like this is when the protagonist faces a challenge and well… if Staz keeps breaking out the vampire spit there’s not going to be much of a challenge in store against anyone. Who knows, maybe he’ll use the vampire spit on the allusive wolf boy next episode and convince him to hand over the ‘The Book of Human Resurrection’? It’s possible… I’d prefer a fight though.

 On a side note, if the OP is anything to go by I’m thinking that the ‘wolf boy’ is going to become another one of Staz’s companions? Am I thrilled at the thought of them introducing more and more characters in such a short space of time? No, I mean, I like character depth and character development and if they keep introducing characters whenever they feel the plot is getting stale… we’re going to have a lot of characters by the end of the show.

 Oh! And another thing… is this show only going to be 10 episodes long? Why…? That doesn’t even make sense… And that makes this constant influx of characters even worse! What? Are we going to reach episode 5 and then finally get down to business? I might just read the manga and find out…

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Getting some Nisemonogatari tooth brush scene feels here…

 And whilst we’re on the topic of the above picture…. Why does vampires blood allow for demons to resume human form when they’re feeling… depleted? This anime doesn’t like sense does it? I’m thinking that the whole ‘Fuyumi sucking Staz’s finger’ scenario is only in the show for, ehem, ‘other’ more lust provoking reasons… and if that’s the case then I’m down with it! That being said, isn’t High School DxD NEW doing the exact same thing?

 Fuyumi’s dilemma… is stupid. I didn’t even get it at first. So she doesn’t want Staz using his spit on everyone because she doesn’t want people to have ‘fake’ memories of her? It’s only one day dear, it’s not like Staz has faked your entire life in their eyes. The scene wasn’t even that dramatic! It felt like more of an excuse for them to have Fuyumi suck Staz’s finger rather than developing her character. It had the set of and scenery of a dramatic moment and turned into an ecchi moment. Fair enough.

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Oh yeah, I’m feeling all the feels… Look at dem abs

 I think we would probably talk about Tinkerbell… Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Hydrabell… right… whoever named you did a great job. That or they were high at the time. Prejudice aside, I don’t like Tinkerbell Hydrabell’s character. Boring is one word I could use. Ooo, I’m that Gate Keeper, fear me. What’s even up with her power? Firstly, why would demons even need to go to the human world? Secondly, is she just going to act as a human portal for Staz and the gang? And thirdly why, oh why, does her character feel just like one big plot point. She’s a catalyst. Here’s point A and now here’s how to get to point B. That’s her character and her characters role in the series in a nutshell. Let’s applaud their well thought out character. A* Mr. Mangaka, A*.

 To conclude, I’m giving this one more episode. Blood Lad isn’t really ‘floating my boat’ and whilst it’s occasionally funny, it’s not really my type of humor and not really my type of show. I tried to blog about a show I didn’t like last season in the hopes that it would get better (Devil Survivor 2) and it didn’t. My posts suffered for it because I just didn’t have the drive and or willpower to blog about a show that I didn’t like. I refuse to make bad posts so that people can read them! It’s actually quite self-deprecating, y’know? One more episode Blood Lad. Show me what you can do.