Fantasista Doll Episode 1 [First Impression]

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First Impression:
Fantasista Doll Ep 1 Img 0021I was quite surprised how this show turned out to be. So it’s a cardgame that basically summons ‘dolls’ that fight each other. Uzume by chance recieved the cards and was later ambushed by Totori who was trying to take her cards. It appears the goal of the game is to collect all of the cards because the winner recieves the other player’s doll that she had used to fight with. So it’s kind of, “You gotta catch them them all!” sort of implication.
The contract process was quite funny, especially with the amount of details she needs to answer.  However I felt it was a tad rushed and quite underwhelming. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but hey I guess that works because it breaks free from the usual trend of theatrical debuts.
What I find more interesting is that the Fantasista dolls can communicate, have feelings and their own personality, as well as get injured during the fight and not heal right away. I take that there may very well be a possibility of the doll being literally “destroyed” or rather “killed” in the process of the fight if it goes too far- of course that all depends on the opponent’s goal/motive I suppose. I am sure somewhere along the way there very well may be ‘healing cards’ because of the fact they get can seriously injured. However for both cases, I am not going to hold my breath for it- but it would definitely make the game even more interesting with the doll’s lives on the line.
Fantasista Doll Ep 1 Img 0005I really like the heroine Uno Uzume. She isn’t a klutz, nor is she oblivious- instead she is on top of things, mature and just plain likeable. Sure she doesn’t have a lot of depth right now, but hopefully we’ll get that over time. I also really like the fact she participated in card games tournaments and won them as a child- and that wasn’t “girly” games, and was for both genders. Although, here we are with a more girly game, can’t do much about it- but hey I just hope this show might actually turn out good because I am kind of interested in it.
The OP Theme was lame, obviously targeted for kids so it’s no surprise why I found it annoying to listen to. I won’t be listening to it again. I didn’t care for the ED either- but it was definitely better than the OP (no doubt about that!). As for the OP sequence, it wasn’t anything special, but on the other hand I really liked the ED theme’s artistic touch. It was really cute. The animation this episode was pretty solid, I like that there wasn’t any CG (actually I was quite surprised to see that there wasn’t any!).
That being said, I really don’t have much to say. I will give three episodes to see how this will play out.
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