“A mysterious transfer student appears…”



Pict545Even if Ruby and Sapphire are sisters, their respective masters are being presented as two very different personalities so far – Ilya’s a happy and cheerful kid, while Miyu seems far more reserved in comparison. It’s clear that Miyu’s the superior magical girl (for now)…Luvia probably went to many pains to ensure her replacement was good enough to shame her eternal rival, after all. It’s also not so much due to Ilya’s lack of talent – rather, the blame lies with the irresponsible Ruby, who conveniently failed to explain anything in time 😀 The same applies to Rin too, for throwing Ilya in a fight against Rider with no warning.

I love how Ruby pointed out the “classic development” of having a mysterious transfer student suddenly show up. Miyu’s not only mysterious, but talented at everything too – what normal schoolgirl uses integration at elementary level? The race only ended up adding insult to injury for poor Ilya, who really didn’t need to know Miyu now lives in a brand new mansion constructed opposite her house. Near the end, it was heavily implied that Miyu has some sort of wish or grudge – something that drives her forward to collect all the Class Cards, which Ilya apparently doesn’t have. Everything about her is just too mysterious – she introduced herself to the class as Miyu Edelfelt, but I have my doubts as to whether she’s Luvia’s real sister. She’s not even blonde to begin with! Also, Ilya and Miyu’s relationship reminded me of how Nanoha and Fate first met – both of them were after the Jewel Seeds for different reasons, but Nanoha eventually managed to blast Fate into friendship!

Sapphire helped to clear up many technical details. While we still don’t know where the Class Cards originated from (though they suspiciously appeared 2 weeks ago, the time length of a Grail War) they contain the power of Heroic Spirits. With a magical girl’s power, the sticks help to access the Throne of Heroes, pulling out just the Servant’s Noble Phantasm for a brief period of time. It sounded like something you have to train to pull off, with Miyu managing it easily due to her talent. I suppose Archer’s would be Unlimited Blade Works, though that should be much harder to pull off than Gae Bolg. Who knows…maybe Ilya never gets the chance to use Archer.

Next week’s title, “We Lost” pretty much spoils the upcoming battle against Caster =_= Look, Ilya! Miyu-san isn’t perfect after all!