The fan-girling was TURNT UP in this episode! OH! Tsubaki you devil!

I liked this episode of Brothers Conflict. A LOT (just because of the kiss).

This episode was all about jealousy. Not just over Ema (that part of it is a bit trite) but within the family. There was twin jealousy and head-of-the-house kind of jealousy.

Tsubaki and Azusa got screen time this week and Ukyo too – not much, but what he got gave some look into his character and probably I can stretch it to say that it also gives some hints if he actually has feelings for Ema or not but the beginning of the episode threw me off with that.

BC 3I’ve finally noticed the trend with Ema being with different brothers at the start of each episode. It never had any significance to me then but it does now.

I use it as a screening to test the brothers’ worth: whatever they have to say – hackneyed or sweet – I’ll use that and either jot them down on the Possibilities list or scratch their names right off. I doubt Ema would use my method though, she wants them all and probably the cross dresser too. If there should be any intimacy between them, I would be hurt. I just can’t see it happening.

The episode was all about Tsubaki and Azusa and as I said before, I prefer Azusa (I’m partial to the glasses). They both had auditions for roles in an upcoming anime series that got green-lit. Tsubaki had his heart set on the lead role and that anime was the actual reason he got into being a professional voice actor – so we can understand how important this role is to him.

Azusa was auditioning for the same anime but a different role. It turned out however, that Tsubaki was not chosen and instead, Azusa got the role so that was one side of the brothers’ conflict that happened in this episode.

Poor Ukyo
Poor Ukyo

Unlike Tsubaki though, there was no real evidence of Ukyo’s jealousy. When Ema got home, he asked her what the brothers’ had planned since some of them didn’t have busy schedules. Then the phone calls started. All of which came to Ema’s phone. When Masaomi called that’s when Ukyo’s eye twitch happened and at first, I thought it was because he was tired of being interrupted during his talk with Ema but it wasn’t. He seemed depressed when she came off the phone and then he finally said that he was the person that the brothers would usually call if something came up.

I’ve finally come to realize that Ema is pretty dense, so I doubt she even recognized his tone or the connotation. Ukyo left the room – and the rest of the episode – after that conversation and focus returned to Tsubaki and Azusa. Tsubaki was depressed over how the auditions went and didn’t return home and Azusa was feeling the pressure of guilt and spent time searching for his brother.

Ema found Natsume to talk about the Panzer of the Dead game that had been released since she couldn’t pass one of the zones and the topic changed to Tsubaki and Azusa, and that was how Ema came to understand the sudden change of behavior from both brothers.

BC 6While they were walking and talking, I actually thought that Natsume has no romantic feelings for Ema. I still don’t want to think that he does, but the hair touching and the intensity of his gaze, man. I could actually feel Ema’s heart going Doki! Doki!

Why you two no kiss D:
Why you two no kiss D:

There are just some moments that feel right for something great to happen. This picture is from that perfect moment when Tsubaki should have just kissed Azusa instead of Ema but she works too, I guess. They made up in the end and I’m happy because I can’t get enough of brotherly love, and their bromance is really cute to watch.

Azusa was always the better one, as Tsubaki told Ema and was always jealous of his brother’s talents which is why he tried to get better at what he did. It never surprised him that Azusa was chosen over him and at this point, the emotions became too much for him to handle so he grabbed Ema and kissed her. Then kissed her again. I want Tsubaki to get more screen time. He has to! I never realized he was so sexy and his winks…

BC 5

Juli is the only thing that annoyed me in this episode. At first his reactions worked a few laughs from me but now there needs to be less of him.


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  1. demoncptn

    damn this show is a guilty pleasure. In general, I like harems for their many characters, but at the same time it becomes painfully stretched when the protagonist is falling for all of them, I’m on your side charlmeister.

    One thing, in your second to last paragraph, did you mean “It never surprised him that Azusa was chosen over him”?

    1. charlmeister

      Aren’t all reverse harems guilty pleasures xD Ooooh, yes nods. I corrected it. Thanks for pointing it out ^-^/

  2. Cielo

    While I found myself complaining A LOT when watching ep 1-3, this ep sure got me all fluffy, especially thanks for the Natsu x Ema moment ヽ(´ー*)ノ Definitely shipping for them (*´∀)

    About Ema, if I remember correctly, she should have been more expressive, like getting angry to Futo when he teased her. But I’m not sure since I haven’t played the game nor read the actual novel myself (in my case, I read some very spoiler-ish review of both  ̄▽ ̄)

    And Juli, I know some of the brothers are beast, but our poor Yusuke’s definitely not one of them (^д^) I’d say he even less harmful than Wataru xD I wish he’d get more screen time, If this anime follow the storyline of the novel, then I guess the poor guy would be having a hard time to get more spotlight xD

    1. charlmeister

      Yusuke is like the underdog – and it’s protocol that they never get the girl. I’d like it if he got Ema but right now, I think it’s just a case of her going with the brother that pushes the need to have a relationship with her and Yusuke is a shy munchkin, so his brothers will beat him to it if he doesn’t step up his game.

      As for Ema and her lack of expression, I’ll take it for what it is. The only female lead who really had expression for me in a reverse harem is Haruhi from OHSHC.
      I like Natsu x Ema too but sometimes I’m confused with my shipping D: BC just makes it hard to stick to one guy!

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