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“Her eyes are the eyes of Death
Her eyes are the words of Death,
Her body teeming with Death
She shall not allow the living to escape,
She alone became the guardian of the dead
She’s a kind and gentle god”

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 4 Img 0007Ever since last week’s episode, I have been quite concerned about how I would feel about the show now that Humbert is no longer with us. Oh god it still hurts my heart to acknowledge that. Thankfully it kept itself on a high note with the unsettling nerves as Yuri and the gang had to go to Ortus City, an independent state where millions of Undead lives after having found Kiriko Zubreska, an apprentice at a Gov. Office in Ortus sleeping in the backseat and the van breaking down. In Ortus City, the people all wear Masks, probably to help conceal the scars of their death and pursue living their lives despite being no longer alive. Because of their dense population, no Gravekeeper have been able to bury them and instead, they are the ones who end up dying. This is specifically why Yuri warned Ai that they should not go into the city, and let alone ever wanted to go anywhere near it.
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However in the end, thanks to Ai’s cuteness and having won brownie points for genuinely telling Pox/Rex that they should not identify themselves as Monsters, and was able to get access into the city, but it certainly won’t be enough to save her if she were to be discovered as a Human/Gravekeeper.
The reason why Ai was so determined to go into the city was because it’s a similar ideal that her mother wished to achieve, and for most part had with their hometown village. However if there’s one thing we know for sure, the huge difference between the two places is that Ai’s village is probably one of the warmest and most ideal sanctuary for the Undead because of how they went as for to seemly accept Hana as a Gravekeeper and raise her daughter in their village. And even after her death, they continued to care for Ai, despite knowing that she was a Gravekeeper. If anything, though it may be far-fetched to say because we don’t know the entire secret of Ai’s village, let alone the big secret that Humbert had pointed out to her. But I think Hana’s dream and the type of society Ortus is are very different, and Ai will quickly see the differences, or perhaps the repercussions of creating such a society.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 4 Img 0030The Lion-Masked guy who lured Ai into an empty area to warn her to get out ASAP because she doesn’t know anything about Ortus’ dark side gives me the vibes that he may very well be a Gravekeeper or perhaps she was too obvious with her enthusiasm which may be considered ‘Unnatural’ for Undead children to behave. As for Ortus’ dark side- it’s no surprise that there’s such a case. A beautiful city it may be, but its people all wear masks, which symbolically speaking means two-faced. Ortus already has a dangerous reputation, and it’s dark secret may or rather, most likely involves the city’s deity, The Idol of Murder, who I believe is most likely the Princess- hence why she is the head of the state to begin with (or so appears to be for now). Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 4 Img 0034The more I hear about The Idol of Murder who can kill any living human (which is ironic because it’s because they are alive, the they can be killed- unless they end up dead dead), the more I find myeslf leaning towards the idea that their Goddess is in fact a living-being or even a Gravekeeper that their society despise so much. Kiriko also shown to be neutral about Gravekeepers and the Living as he didn’t appear to be hostile towards Ai and the gang. All the more reason why he, who is close to the Princess and mentioning that “everyone wanted to believe in that god”, hints that he is probably aware of Ulla’s true face under the mask. And if that isn’t enough, Kiriko believes what she is saving the world by doing this and will be the one who will save the world. It’s very interesting to hear that at the ending because Ai had told Kiriko that they are on the journey to save the world. Of course it’s ultimately up to him to take her seriously since she’s a child (well almost technically almost teenager since she’s twelve).
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 4 Img 0025Finally last but not least lets talk about Scar. Ever since arriving to the city’s gate, she has been hearing a voice calling out to her. And so despite the high risks, she accompanied Yuri and Ai into the city. I am pretty convinced right now that the voice Scar hears is most likely Ulla. What’s interesting is that only Scar hears the voice. It will be interesting what they (whoever it may be) wish to discuss, or whether it turns out to be a trap. Another interesting note is that next morning, for the first time Scar experienced discomfort, headache and nausea. There’s a possibility that there’s something within the city that is revolting to Gravekeeprs, and serves like a repel which would explain why for the first time, Scar is experiencing so much discomfort and Ai isn’t effected because she’s a hybrid.

Oh and to close this entry:
Obligatory Cute Ai

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  1. Jester

    I agree, I’m glad that the anime is still interesting despite the end of episode three (the feels…). I had my doubts, but now I’m feeling pretty good about it as well.

  2. Cielo

    What I feel about this show:
    Ep 1 is okay (・ω・)
    Ep 2 is boring ( ̄_ ̄)
    Ep 3 is emotional 。・゜゜⌒(≧Д≦)⌒゜゜・。
    Ep 4 is interesting!! o(>▽<)o
    Actually after watching the 2nd ep, I kind of want to drop this show. But somehow, I ended up watching the 3rd ep, and I don't regret it ・゜・(つД`)・゜・
    Then again, after watching the 3rd ep, I feel a bit worried since it feels like this show already reach its end (and if someone told me that it's a 3 episodes show, maybe I'll believe it). Moreover since Kizuna is no longer there, and he is also my favorite character (ノ_・、)
    Anyway, now I'm absolutely happy with the development. The new characters also seem very appealing (in many ways xD). I'll be looking forward to watch the next episode, and also for your review ^^

    1. Eva

      Aw thanks! <3
      That's why the "Three Episodes Rule" is in place!/GROSS SOBBING/ still not over Humbert's death
      Yeah episode three was like, definitely had the air of an finale. They absolutely NAILED IT.


    By nailed it you mean beat every single death in anime history
    because they killed off the character in 3 episodes
    Made it like a finale
    his wish not to die yt but he dies anyway… -sigh-
    Also I hate the fact when I hear Kiriko talk I always imagine Shin from Amnesia ;3;

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