“I won’t embarrass myself again!”

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Free! Episode 4 Img 0018This episode basically served us an abundant of fanservice on a silver platter, and hey you know what I gotta relish it and give props to KyoAni for taking what we see girls go through all the time (shopping for cute clothes, etc…) and spun it so that the boys could do the same. Seeing them shop was so funny- especially with Rei who would choose these flashy and ridiculous swimsuits (by the way I thought he looked great in the at rainbow swim suit that made him looking like mermaid) and Haru picking the same or similar swimsuits he already has. I just… can’t with Haru- he was so happy about it. I cannot, I lost all ability to can with that guy.
It was (as expected) absolutely hilarious to watch Rei’s epically fail learning how to swim- as throughout pretty much the entire episode, every time Rei would try swimming, he would end up stuck in the same spot and then sink like a rock. It happened so often that at one point the entire group just about had it and was quickly losing faith in Rei’s ability to swim at all- and their expressions then were absolutely priceless.
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It wasn’t until the very last scene when Rei was finally able to swim solely with the butterfly stroke thanks to realizing that he’s not ‘Free’ (or something along the lines). I think it has a lot to do with no over thinking- something that we know Rei for everything he does. For Haru, there’s nothing to think about- it’s all about getting into the water ASAP. Actually at this point it’s safe to say it’s almost like an instinct for him to jump into the water.
Free! Episode 4 Img 0024= v = …Well if Haru x Rin ship hasn’t already been speeding ahead, today it certainly did. I mean, hahaha- these two definitely have a thing for each other (not that we didn’t know that already LOLZ) – and it’s not just plain rivalry. I mean hahaha, Haru was like, “Bitch I won’t swim for you.” and Rin go all pissed going, “You’re going to swim for me.” The entire scene was just… is fluff the right word to describe it? I mean… it wasn’t like you know those fluffy scenes we’re used to seeing, maybe cheesy would be better? Hahaha- I have no clue. Either way it was amusing to watch.
Finally, while I am on the topic, we were definitely able to get more clarification of why Rin wasn’t happy with his victory. As he pointed out, neither Haru nor the others are in proper shape for the competitions, and until Haru is in his true potential form, Rin’s victories against him are meaningless and most importantly, he won’t be able to move on from that loss.


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    Do you like RinxHaruka? I do, LET’S ALL THE SHIPS SAIL!
    This anime is bad for my health xD but later on I have a feeling it’ll be more intense.
    I totally like RinxHaruka though that scene gave me a heart attack \(>//q//<)/

    1. Eva

      Oh absolutely. XD

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