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Synopsis:  Issei finds new troubles about to enter into his life and two even sleeping in his bed. While looking at an old photo album of Issei’s, Kiba sees a familiar sword being held by an old friend of Issei’s, which reopen’s old wounds. Meanwhile, Demons, Fallen Angels, and The Church’s agents all clash to get their hands on, or just destroy, powerful weapons called Holy Swords.


 Honestly, not much happened in this episode and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In reality what it comes down with High School DxD is this: are there enough boobs and is it funny? Viewers don’t give two sh*ts about the overtly depressive story (although it is a ‘bonus‘) and that’s okay, we’re probably all watching for the oppai after all! Episode 5 gave us comedy, boobs and butts and I like it (almost said ‘I like tit’ there…)!

 The episode begins with Issei and the gang dressing up as… priests… It’s a formal affair, involving a stroll through the dimly lit streets of Japan on a calm and natural night, until BAM! Disaster strikes when that guy with the disturbing tongue and the priest with the pedo smile burst onto the scene! Issei and that gang battle for their lives until, BAM! Xenovia and Irina join the fray and swing their big tits blades around! That is, until everyone gets scared and runs away, leaving Issei and Saji to be… spanked?! I must say, I do love a woman in a position of power

 Sexual preferences aside, let’s get down to business. The first topic? This episodes animation. I know High School DxD isn’t renowned for it’s animation but… it was particularly sh*tty in episode 5. That’s not to say it was horrific throughout the entire episode, but at certain points during fight scenes the characters would move unnaturally, or a face wouldn’t be fully drawn or a face would be drawn badly. All anime suffer from these faults from time time to, I understand that much at least, but for some reason it was particularly prominent (for me anyway) in this episode. I don’t know, just a minor gripe.

 The second topic? The plot. Whilst I can’t say that I’m particularly enjoying it per say, I do think that it’s a step up from last seasons first few plot arcs. At least it has a modicum of depth, y’know? That said, I can’t help but feel as though the cast has been expanded unnecessarily, almost to the point where some of the main characters have become side characters! This was also an issue in the first season, the prominent cases (that come to mind) being Koneko, Kiba and Akeno. Evidently Kiba’s been given the spotlight in this particular arc but Koneko and Akeno (Akeno especially) feel as though they’ve just been thrown in for the sake of fan service… not that I have a problem with fan service. What I do have a problem with however, is screen time being given to characters that I don’t really care about.

 Oh! And what’s up with the introduction of Saji’s Sacred Gear? It’s just so… random?! It’s almost as if the author got bored and decided ‘let’s introduce some more pointless plot points in the hope that I can use them one day whilst also spicing up the current story’. There wasn’t any warning, no prelude, no foreshadowing, just… BAM! It felt like lazy writing… but who am I to complain?! This is an ecchi. It never claimed to be ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’.

 And whilst we’re on the topic of forgotten characters… Asia! I love your ass girl! And by that I mean, I’d like to see it more often on my screen and possibly perhaps maybe somewhere in the plot if that’s possible pretty please with cherries and strawberries and cream all over your body and on top of me...  And I guess that’s another thing… what was up with that awkwardly dramatic scene between Issei and Asia? It was genuinely quite disturbing… I mean, look at Issei’s face! It looks like he had orgasm and then he sh*t himself. It’s freaky! It’s disturbing… I’ll probably have nightmares now, y’know?

 Topic three (yeah, I realize that there are like twenty topics in between this one and the last one…)! The Great War… Kokabiel… where does the author find these names? I can’t remember something as shit as that! But I digress, The Great War… I personally think it’d make a good story arc… but that might just be the Fate/Zero lover in me coming out… I don’t know, it was just a but of a last luster plot twist. Ooooh, I’m going to start a war! Good luck with that. Seeing as this is an ecchi, I’ll be safe in the knowledge that no women are going to die. So yeah, go ahead and so me the armies of angels getting their clothes torn off… see if I care…

 And that leads me here, to the end. Episode was mediocre. Get used to it.

Episode 5 Preview:

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