Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 87 -  (26)

“Whether you win or lose isn’t important. All that matters is who ends up with the tokens, right?” – Bisky


Gon and Killua managed to gain contact with Knuckle after finishing their first success in practicing their Ren for three hours with Bisky. Of course, the confrontation resulted to a small fight that leads to another branch of camaraderie. While on the other hand, the Punitive group that was sent by the Hunters Association had already started their move concerning the current issue.


Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 87 -  (24)Damn. Guys, isn’t Knov’s voice actor just… too hot?! I know it’s just only the voice but… argh why did I only noticed it today?! Using my search ability, it says that his voice actor is Shinichiro Miki. It’s my first time hearing that name in my small little Seiyuu world but heck that! His voice is too cool. I cannot really blame Palm for falling for this guy either.

One thing I noticed about the Chimera Arc is… well, characters that we’ve seen from previous arcs came around to help our main character, Gon. And most of the titles since Chimera Arc started was about reunion and well, yeah – reunion. I can’t really recall how many times and maybe it is just the second time or my mind just got mixed with other show’s episode titles but yeah. XD Since because of Chimera Arc as the dangerous part of this show (yet), It is rather nice to see other characters willing to help out solve the issue. But of course, new character is always a no exception.

I was really curious on how the Chimera Ant Queen eats all the humans but I never thought they are needed to be turned into “human balls” for her to take them. I mean, other chimera ants ate humans without turning them into human balls. I was shocked. And the King is almost here!

Bisky’s words are always so sharp but, of course, Bisky always has a plan in everything. LOL But I see it really funny how they moved right after being shocked by Bisky to go and challenge Knuckle after practicing their Ren for three hours. And to think they’d go after Knuckle while activating their Ren and sweating a lot and is trying really hard to move their body. And how I laughed too hard after knowing that Knuckle is the tsundere type. LMAO. I had my first clue when he was so nice to a puppy at the park before. And… Yes, Gon is always the one who can think of the logical thing ever!

“We don’t want your token. We want the strength to defeat you in a straight-up fight.” – Gon

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 87 -  (22)The Punitive group started their mission as well and that’s to defeat every chimera ant, starting from the ones they can manage, one by one. That portal ability of Knov sure is too handy. Reminds me of the portal game that I enjoyed so much which I wasn’t even able to finish. HAHA And… gawd. How I do not like the idea of getting the dead to go back to life. Pitou, what are you doing?! Stahp!!!! D8 And, believe me, chimera ants, whoever has gain reach of a power that one though they couldn’t, obviously, they will be thinking ahead of themselves and will try to do things their own way by overestimating what they can do. Especially to the Chimera Ants who just had their own decision making by the use of human traits as an addition for independence and now with the power of Nen as another addition for war.

Meh, it’s not like it is my problem now anyway. LOL

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 87 -  (32)

PS: Shoot looks like Nobunaga. LOL