Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 89 -  (14)

“He’s making incredible progress while fighting.” – Killua Zoldyck


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Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 89 -  (12)OMYGAWD DID I JUST SEE LERORIO AT 7:44?! DAMN. I MISS LEORIO AND KURAPIKA!!! They should show them once in a while. /sobs And seriously, most of this episode, I am laughing hysterically (yes, I am) whenever the characters are saying Gon’s attack, being called “Jajanken”. And seeing how Knuckle accepted that name and praised Gon for it made the deal. Gon x Knuckle scenes is a big no for me. They are bad for the stomach for too much laughing. At least, Gon’s attack name is a little different from where it was derived and it’s not lame like other people’s attack names. XD And to be honest, even if Killua is the one saying that technique name in a serious manner with a serious face, I am still giggling to myself non-stop.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 89 -  (38)

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 89 -  (13)Do you know how much I love those chibi demonstrations during this episode? Previous episodes only showed silhouettes as demonstration whenever there is an explanation about Nen but this episode used chibis of the characters in question and in colored! I am hoping that this will go on and continue since I really like the effort put into this episode. At least, with adorable chibis doing the explanation by images, it makes you understand what’s happening that short amount of time when Gon and Knuckle re exchanging blows. As mentioned by Knuckle from the previous episode, Gon’s Jajanken (LOL) technique has two disadvantages (that even other people can notice anyway). And in order for Gon to cover up to that disadvantage, use those disadvantages for your advantage by using psychology. Do you know how of a fan I am of Psychology? Ah yes, I am a big fan of that and with strategic action (i.e. BTOOOM! And Bloody Monday). But of course, Gon’s Jajaken (HAHA) is not only limited to one kind of attack. Again, added with psychology and mind games during a fight, Gon can still take advantage of his opponent. If he’s able to charge his Jajaken (OHGAWDD HAHA) with less casting time, it would be even better! (Just… don’t follow DBZ’s 1:60 minute ratio).

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 89 -  (2)
I guess he needs to do his over-to-the-top poses while explaining things and does he even have to shout everything? LOL

For Gon, who’s not really good with thinking, only make use of his experience to learn and see things through fighting. Of course, Killua is right in this case (see featured line). Even no matter how you may explain or let Gon explain what he just did with his fight with Knuckle, he won’t be able to do it. Most people are actually like Gon (even myself is) – where they learn through experience better than thinking deeply about things or through documents. “Experience is the best teacher,” they say and I believe it so. Seeing how soft Knuckle also is, I think the current fight will be a good chance for both Gon and Killua to improve. Gon, who’s fighting against Knuckle and seeing things through experience, and Killua, who’s observing and learning through thinking for his own way of fighting based on his observations since Killua is the type who’s a genius since birth or is trained to be more of a strategist than Gon is. Also, being Killua, more of a thinker than a doer, his potential is being held back by his mind in a lot of ways which is why Bisky’s beating should be able to get through his mind sometime soon in order for him to improve. Also, no matter how Gon could have been better because of this fight, the fact that Knuckle haven’t really used his Nen while exchanging blows with Gon is saying that our two kids are still far from being strong.

We already know how Gon’s persistence can take him, right? I mean, ever since Hunter Exam Arc, we already do. At least, because of what Gon displayed during their fight, it made Knuckle take him on for real. Killua also displayed a great deal of weakness since the first Arc as well. Now that he’s fully well knowledgeable about his self potential and strength, it will be a plus to his development in the future. And our dear Killua is just too sweet~

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 89 -  (24)
“But if you lose without fighting at full strength, I won’t forgive you. I’ll never forgive you as long as I live.” – Killua Zoldyck

If Gon was a girl, this couple should have been the best. Still, now I understand what Illumi means that Killua will betray those who he will become friends with because of what Bisky had said in this episode. Of course, because of this as well, Killua might push his self onwards to improvement and might be beyond Bisky’s expectations too!

OMYGAWD BISKY, DON’T YOU STRIP IN FRONT OF A GUY!!! Well, even if Killua is just a kid to your eyes…. LOL

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 89 -  (31)
All HxH fans will cry.

I am quite surprised that no Chimera Ants was shown in this episode.

PS: When Shoot entered the scene, I laughed too hard knowing what kind of a fighter he is from the previous episode.


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    Even though they are both boys (Killua and Gon) I can’t help but pair them together. I mean they are so cute. They are as high as my other OTP’s
    You may now call me weird, but I can’t help it -__- those 2 together make me go ‘Kyaaa~ so cute -sigh-

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