“God is probably an idiot.”

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Although this episode was pretty mellow for most part, it definitely had intense moments and intriguing details. First of all, I appreciate that right off the bat we are getting explanations about a lot of things that we were wondering about from last week. The first and foremost is the revelation of what makes Ai so unique. It turns out that she is a hybrid between a Gravekeeper and a human (her mother being the Gravekeeper and her father being human), and that is why she is basically the only half-human twelve years old alive right now. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 2 Img 0037The second is what are the consequences of the dead not being taken care of by the Gravekeepers. At first a dead person will remain as they were, but over time their bodies and minds will change and their survival instincts only intensify despite them being dead until they care of themselves and become zombies. This in particular is heartbreaking because you know, how I felt for example- I found it precious that person who had recently just died/been killed doesn’t become some mindless zombie right away, they are still who they were to before they died… and then as time goes on, they are consumed by their instincts and become dangerous. And that brings us to the whole circle of, when one dies- they should be dead dead and in peace, but God as Humbert had mentioned with his own personal theory (that I happen to agree with) probably lost interest in everything and felt the last thing he could do is grant them what humans desired most: Wanting to Live. It’s a lot like the worst case scenario of “Be Careful of what you Wish For”. During that time the Half-Dead Fever (a new Epidemic) had also took place and claimed two hundred million lives and those people are now wandering around the globe. I highly doubt that all two hundred million zombies have been taken care of, so I am sure there’s a series of zombies attacks around the world and it’s a shitload of work for the Gravekeepers and hunters like Humbert to do- especially when their survival instincts are at the peak. So with that said, I’m sure we’ll run into them at some point or another throughout this show (not necessarily in those numbers, but will definitely be expected to turn up in big groups).
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 2 Img 0000We also were able to get a taste of the nature of Gravekeepers. The lilac gravekeeper we only really met today does not have an official name but goes by the official nickname Scar, as she has many others such as Monster, Grimreaper, Maria, Murderer, etc…  all kinds of cruel labels. She doesn’t seem to take any of these personally as they pure Gravekeepers, (as Humbert told us last week) will not attack living humans. Ai’s mother on the other hand is considered a ‘messed up’ one, but in a good way because she was different to the others. She found love with a human. That alone serves as an example that Gravekeepers while on the surface may look as if they are programed according to specific duties like robots such as again, not attack living humans, may very well be or could potentially mask their emotions and conscious mind.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 2 Img 0023This week focused a lot on Humbert as we learn alot about him. He is character is a quite unpredictable as he will backhand Ai one moment (which appeared to be his way of giving an example of how cruel the real world is), and then show case his soft side by offering her a piggyback (that’s far from a smooth ride) instead of choosing to leave her behind when he wanted to ensure they create as much distance as possible from Yuri. But despite his cruel moments, I still actually like his character quite a bit. I mean- yeah I literally gasped in horror when he backhanded Ai and shouted, “MAN WHAT HELL, WAS THAT REALLY NECESSARY TO BACKHAND HER?” and god- that moment when he was planning to kill Ai I was like, “NO. STOP IT.” only to get shot and I actually thought it was a side effect or some shit after having thought he tired to shoot her only to discover he was shot by Yuri. And it is in this very scene the we learn he is in fact immortal. Now immortal is not the same thing as being dead-but-not-dead…. (Should I just call them undead? You know what I’m just going to go along with that), undead. Clearly this isn’t the first time Humbert been shot like this, especially when he’s first reaction is about his clothes and then fumed about how his left pulmonary vein’s shredded- and considering how he’s standing up find afterwards I take it that his body heals which would make him actually immortal in comparison to the undead. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 2 Img 0036But ultimately, by the end of this episode, it is safe to say that Humbert does have a heart and he most definitely does have a soft-side. He killed Yuri’s wife before she were to turn into that mindless monster. He did that because Yuri is his best friend- he wasn’t kidding about that- that was 100% genuine. I felt at that moment when he revealed to us that he intended to stand Yuri up for that duel, was the shining moment of that before actually heard the reasoning for his actions. We also learned that he was originally quite weak because he used to be an albino. and around that time (when God forsook the world) his body stabilized.
Yuri Dmitriyevichas I already mentioned is Humbert’s best friend (although it may be very well one-sided now on Humbert’s part) is known as “The Koutou Tiger” who also works as a hunter. After having lost his wife and child, he decided to hunt Humbert down for revenge for killing his wife. However as Humbert had mentioned- he just wants to die already. He had hid his wife who was an undead for quite a while and raised a child together while desperately hiding from the Gravekeepers. There was one thing that really caught my attention and that was the picture he was looking at in the church.
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In the picture you see Yuki with his wife, daughter, and another woman who appears to be Ai’s mother since she has orange hair looks a lot like her. And as you can see on the far left corner, I am convinced that is Humbert who is cut out of the picture. Now, I think it would be very interesting if it turns out that they all knew each other. It also brings back the possibility of Humbert actually being Ai’s father (not that I actually scratched it aside as I do believe he is), but I’m not going to dig too deep into this until we’re given more details and given solid (yet can still be discreet) hints that points to him.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 2 Img 0016Ai this week really showed us the type of girl she is. She made her resolve to go on a journey to find those who need her. She is so sweet and wishes to behave and be treated as a ‘professional’ (when in reality, it’s only her village that probably doesn’t shun the Gravekeepers) and is also is quite a bright girl when she put her mind to it. It was ridiculously adorable how flustered and embarrassed she was about getting a piggyback ride (that was one hell of a ride)!
Finally last but not least, the secret that was sealed within Ai’s hometown. HOLY SHIT I AM CURIOUS!
I wouldn’t be surprised of my reaction is way more exaggerated than most people’s, but man- I’m genuinely having that famous Chitanda moment right now. I am really looking forward to finding out what it is! Right now, I definitely think that Hana, the woman Humbert is looking for might very well be connected to this secret, or at least possesses the knowledge about it.


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