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Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Ep 2 Img 0027I was surprised by how much action we got to see this week, as well of the fact Hibiki had suggested and used the S2CA Triburst strategy which is when she merges all three of their Swan Songs together. At first, I wasn’t too happy about it because I was like, “Oh great, so now this shit can be used any time?” but since the risk is still there, and it’s ultimately up to Hibiki’s condition I doubt and hope that they won’t use this strategy too many times. I am sure if Hibiki had been in a longer fight and injured, the risk of her being consumed by the Swan Song would have been significantly higher. By the way, the song was beautiful.
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Ep 2 Img 0016It was relieving to see that Shirabe and Kirika appear to not have the same type of relic as Tsubasa and Chris. It definitely makes me feel better and not worry so much about the cliche bullshit of “dark” version of our heroines, something I was worried about last week. As for both Shirabe’s and Kirika’s characters, they are really cute and charming so I am excited to learn more about these two. I have to say though, Kiri’s outfit reminds me a lot of Yu Gi Oh’s Magician Girl. I love the outfit though… it’s so cute! >w<///
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Ep 2 Img 0037It was very interesting to see is how much it had actually it hurt Hibiki to be called a hypocrite for trying to do peace talk instead of fighting. Those flashbacks she had, I don’t recall seeing any of those scenes in the first season, so maybe there is a part of her backstory that has been left in the dark up until now. If that’s the case, I do hope it comes out strong- especially when it looks like it’s going to be quite depressing and will be revolving around her family.
This week learned that Finè’s goal is to create “world peace” by being in control of all the nations and territories around the world, and make Maria their supreme leader. But lets face it, Maria won’t actually be in control, it will be “Mom” pulling the strings of her puppets. Maria whether she realizes or not is probably going to wound up nothing more than a figurehead with absolute no authority. Sure, she has control over the Noise, but I am sure that “Mom” has some cards up her sleeve.
Speaking of “Mom”, the reason for sending out that crazy dangerous Noise that forced the girls to have to resort to S2CA Triburst was because she wanted them to do that in order to activate the ominous skull relic. WE have yet to learn whether it is part of the Solomon’s Cane or an entirely different relic or entity.
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Ep 2 Img 0039In the mean time, that cray cray scientist is well alive (figured as much- that psychotic expression in the first wasn’t for nothing) with the Solomon’s Cane in hands. I think it would be fun if it turns out there’s two main enemies who are not working together whatsoever, especially with “Mom” ordering the other girls (Maria, for example to kill the hostages) to do things don’t necessarily agree with. And because of that- while I know this is way too early to consider – I think at some point, those girls will have to choosing to switch teams much like Chris had to do last season and question whether their methods are truly going to make the world a better place.
Last but not least the OP and ED. The OP sequence is pretty awesome, the action featured in it and the song is really good. The ED Sequence is just gorgeous, the music the sequence, I really adore the style they used for it. With that said, after seeing that and hearing the the songs in this week’s episode, I am a lot more optimistic about the quality of the OST this season.

PS: I don’t think I mentioned last week how much I adore Maria’s cloak (well it’s only this week we get to see it in action ahahahaha)! It’s just plain awesome what it can do! Oh and props to Shinji for being an awesome manager.


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  1. Vantage

    Chris-chan best girl.
    I was pretty cautious going in, so I was surprised that I’d enjoyed it so much xD I’m also glad the two new Symphogear users have a bit of personality. The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the whole Swan Song combo – Kanade died immediately in S1, and all three of them nearly died when they used it to save the moon. Even if she has help from her armed gear, Hibiki can now compress multiple Swan Songs into one? o.O

    1. Eva

      Yeah it really came out of nowhere. :\ I really hope we won’t see it again anytime soon and no more than two times altogether. Sure it’s beautiful and all, but yeah- that’s pushing it.

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