SxS 2Meet the Section Manager for Lucy’s department!! (I think her department is Public Relations. I didn’t pay much attention when Ichimaya showed them around the different sections but her department is relatively close to that).

This episode had me rolling, especially when the Section Manager was introduced. So Servant x Service has taken a stretch on realism and added a cute, cuddly bunny as someone who’s supposed to have authority.  I’m not even sure if he’s an ACTUAL human controlling the bunny from the comfort of his home because he claims that he’s shy. It would seem though that he’s really human but just trapped within the bear. I like it though. Watching the opening, I always wondered if the bunny had some actual relevance in the anime.

*holds breath*
*holds breath*

There is more development in the relationship between Hasebe and Lucy but I’m still being cautious. I refuse to sail away from dock with invested hopes, only to have my ship sink. I FORBID IT! I WON’T HAVE IT! I just really hope SxS isn’t teasing me or poking around my hopeless romanticism all in the name of good fun and comical content for the show. I’m serious about romance. I take it too seriously. When I ship, I ship hard. Hasebe and Lucy must be together. It would be a beautiful relationship. It’s perfection. I’m rambling.

While they were in the library, Hasebe assisting Lucy to pack away some books, he asked her out. Lucy turned him down (as was expected) saying that it made no sense. It doesn’t seem right to her that Hasebe would ask her out and that insecure side of her came to her aid in babbling excuses. I think she’s still afraid of being judged and subjected to criticism but it’s all in her head. Her past is stuck on her though because it seems she hasn’t realized the fact yet that she’s an adult and as long as she’s not jumping from guy to guy, she should be scotch free from condescending looks. But she has yet to grow out of that. So yay for coming character development! Hasebe will play a huge role in Lucy’s life – I hope! AND I APPROVE OF THAT!

=_= Lucy, you can't be THAT dense.
=_= Lucy, you can’t be THAT dense.

Now that Haebe has hinted at dating Lucy, she started to over-think things and I get the feeling that Lucy’s a neurotic kind of person. Even though I felt like slapping some sense into her through the screen, her over thinking is pretty relatable. It happens to some – if not most of us – and I can also confess that I’ve asked that dumb ass question lots of times too. It’s just a girl thing (I don’t know if it applies to all females) but that insecure and unsure side pops up a lot, especially when it seems a bit too surreal that some sexy/really gorgeous guy would ask you out.

Lucy wasn’t sure if she should have taken Hasebe’s date invitation seriously, or blow it off as him just being an incurable tease. She turned to Miyoshi and Chihaya, who blatantly titled Hasebe as her enemy since he’s now interfering on her Lucy territory, for guidance and to reassure her that he was just being a casual flirt. Chihaya was quick to comfort her and say that he couldn’t be trusted but Miyoshi brought up the fact that Hasebe had told her that he had never asked a girl out before – even though he collected their emails. Meaning that Lucy is the first girl he asked out. And he was shot down.

She went to him and when he asked again, he got shot down twice. He continued smiling and teasing her but I think he felt disappointed. There’s a lot of emotions that can be hidden behind a bright smile and I think Hasebe’s mastered that art pretty well, since he’s so great at EVERYTHING he does. Lucy gave the lame excuse that “It was her and not him”. She isn’t too keen on relationships and she doesn’t think it’s something she should get herself involved in.

Being the cool guy he is, he dropped the conversation for her sake and told her to continue acting normal around him because they’re adults, so it shouldn’t have to be a case where they are awkward around each other because of that conversation.

SxS 5

Chihaya got really jealous and it was hilarious. Her sole concern is making sure that she indoctrinates Lucy into cosplay; and have Lucy do it for her personal pleasure. Hasebe is thinking that Chihaya is actually into Lucy, and I think so too. The competition that Chihaya is putting up though is hilarious, and she’s putting pressure on Lucy, calling her a naive idiot for falling so easily into Hasebe’s trap. Miyoshi was no help either and called her an idiot too, but I think she went with Chihaya because she doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of her anger.

SxS 1The episode ended with Lucy, Miyoshi, Ichimaya, Hasebe and the Section Manager going out for drinks. Lucy is a damn lightweight and ended up having Hasebe bring her home. But she passed out somewhat on the way and Hasebe doesn’t know her address. CONVENIENTLY though, there is a hotel riiiight at the point where she passed out.

SxS 6Take advantage of her Hasebe, heeeheeeheee. He better not take advantage of her! Because I won’t get to see any of it it’s wrong! And he wants Lucy to see him as a man.

This episode was great. I don’t really think I can emphasize enough how happy I am that I actually decided to give this anime a shot. It hasn’t left me with any disappointments so far and the comedy is just perfect.


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  1. Jester

    Yeah I’m thinking investing in the romance between Lucy and Hasebe is a terrible idea because of what Karino Takatsu did with Working!!. I want to believe though. I want to believe things will be different this time!

    1. charlmeister

      We both shall believe!!

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