Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 13: Accelerator

“Is this…death?”


Accelerator takes on MISAKA 10031, easily putting the latter on the defensive while throwing various objects at her with Vector Change. After cornering her, he decides to reverse the direction of her blood flow to kill her, which Misaka witnesses while destroying a lab. Touma comes across the remains and alerts the authorities – but by the time he returns, nothing remains. Misaka Imouto then introduces herself with the serial number 10032, apologizing for getting Touma caught up in the experiment.


“MISAKA, has in fact, died.”

Pic843I’m actually not interested in the minute details of each experiment. It’s bad enough knowing that each MISAKA Sister is fated to die, and I really don’t need to find out how – especially when it dawns on you that Accelerator seems to be inventing new and creative ways to kill off the Sisters to stave off his boredom. MISAKA 9982 had a bus dropped on her while 10031 had the direction of her blood flow reversed, which resulted in this horrible red mess that couldn’t be shown on TV. I don’t even want to know how the other 49 died, though the experiments themselves are getting riskier – this one was done in daylight, with Accelerator happily using wine bottles and garbage bins. Between the time it took Touma to call the police and return to the site, the Sisters had cleaned everything up (and even replaced the CCTV camera) somehow, and placed 10031 in a body bag. Touma looked very pained indeed – he went from looking for Misaka Imouto to stumbling across this dark experiment, and I can’t blame him for being conflicted over what to do. Even to him, it’s clear that it’s definitely not “nothing out of the ordinary”, though visiting Tokiwadai might just make Kuroko even more suspicious than she already is.

It seems we’ve also been given a glimpse of the first-ever experiment, involving MISAKA 1 and a bored Accelerator. It pained me to see her looking so energetic and enthusiastic, clearly not knowing anything about Accelerator (and vice versa, as he wasn’t aware of the level gap between them). Accelerator seemed to be alright with just beating her up a bit – I don’t think he was aware that he had to kill her until that bastard of a scientist told him to “dispose” of her outright. And even then he did it in the kindest way possible, which implies that he’s not too happy with the experiment himself. Maybe he developed his eventual sadistic nature towards the Sisters over a period of time?

Meanwhile, Misaka Original’s spent most of the episode being pissed beyond belief, going back to targeting facilities involved with the experiment. This lab actually had people in it, but even then she kept blowing things up, not really paying much attention to her surroundings. There was lots of despair this episode, but most of it was felt by Misaka, who now doesn’t have a method to stop the Level 6 Shift. Her random attacks on the labs essentially has no end – new ones will continue popping up, and the experiments won’t stop at all. As for her drastic solution…please let it not be what I’m thinking of. The Sisters stopped Accelerator killing Misaka on the basis that it’ll cause an anomaly and disrupt the experiment. What if Misaka dresses up as 10032, and attends the next experiment instead…?


PS. I’ve finally caught up! I’ll do my best to stay on track for the rest of the show xD

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