Wataru, calm your hormones down...
You’ll need a lot more than that to convince me, Wataru -__-

Even though I took a day to calm my nerves after watching this episode of Brothers Conflict (that was VERY upsetting) I still feel a little irritated but I won’t turn this into a rant (at least not yet).

The first thing that pissed me off about this was the opening sequence. Why couldn’t Wataru be excluded from the mix? He is NOT a potential love interest. Not to mention the fact that it would just be (insert expletive here) WRONG and (insert nastier expletive here) WEIRD!! I don’t think it was cute and I definitely think it’s something that could have been omitted.

There isn’t much really that I want to discuss about this episode – I think I’m still too mad to properly review this (I watched the episode twice, so maybe that’s to be blamed) but let me try my best.

BroCon 2

Okay, so nothing amazing happened in this episode.  The driving emotion in this episode was jealousy and it’s official that Brothers Conflict has turned into a full blown love dodecagon – I would prefer the simplicity of it just being a love triangle, as is the norm but no, this anime had to blow things out of reasonable proportion.

Anyway Asahina Fuuto transferred to Ema’s school and Yusuke realizes that the competition is right in his face – although there really wasn’t that concrete of a reaction from him more than for his usual gripes with his brother, the jealousy was still there.

Ema found Fuuto alone and tried to wake him from his dream – and his mumblings made it clear that his dream is as corrupt as his notions to get with his sister. It turns out that he was just pretending to have a dream and fooled Ema into believing that he was going to kiss her.

Look at that disappointment. On a serious note though, Ema wants him.
Look at that. On a serious note though, Ema wants the D.

So two points for Fuuto. Negative three points for Yusuke (I’m still rooting for you, my sweet honey!! FIGHTING!).

Then the family assembled to discuss photos and praise Ema for her attentiveness to take photos (I swear these guys don’t get out often enough). Wataru was being a little prick and felt like a wheel, so he wedged himself between Kaname and Ema so he could get some attention and see the photos. Kaname flirted with Ema a little, saying that when it was just the two of them he would get naked for her.

TEN POINTS for Kaname!! Zero points for Wataru (.01 for being cute).

*blows kiss*

There was a small flare of jealousy on Tsubaki’s part when Azusa told Ema she could keep a blurred photograph of him as a child since she showed so much interest in the photo. Azusa is so cute when he blushes.

Hmm…four points for Azusa. Two points for Tsubaki. I’m not biased!

You tell him, Subaru!!
You tell him, Subaru!!

Natsume met up with Subaru to give him something and it turned into an argument about Subaru’s interests. Subaru has long picked up though that Natsume is being so hard on him about focusing on his goals because of his own arbitrary interests to be with Ema. And Ema, just so happened to be walking along and overheard everything. Subaru left and Natsume saw her and gave her a sample of a new game.

Zero points for both guys.

Azusa came to Ema when she returned home to give her a photo album as a gift since she said she wanted one. It was also a gift of gratitude because she helped him to accept the anime voice-acting role that had been given to him and not Tsubaki.

Afterwards, Tsubaki sees Azusa and claims his “territory” – that he won’t give Ema up to him. The poor guy has been second place to Azusa all his life, and now I’m guessing Ema will be what he uses to prove his worth?

Anyway, Ema was alone, going crazy about the pictures. (Who the hell gets so happy about putting up picture frames and arranging a photo album that he/she can’t sleep?? Ridiculous)

BroCon 6Tsubaki came in and confessed to Ema. He kissed her AND FOR THE BLOODY FIRST TIME, SHE ACTUALLY REJECTED IT but Tusbaki wasn’t having none o’ that. He walked her back to the sofa, pushed her down and kissed her. This time she didn’t reject it. Yeah, Ema…I know you love that rough play. And they could have reached second base!

But Azusa came in, dragged Tsubaki off her and told him to go to his room. That pissed off Tsubaki but he went anyway. I feel as if that might be the end of Tsubaki’s attempts – somehow, I haven’t gotten the impression that he’s actually persistent once Azusa involves himself in the situation.

Look at the disappoint on her face :(
Look at the disappoint on her face 🙁 She wanted that fluff

And that was the episode. Ema’s face though…Tsubaki is probably a really good kisser because she looks SERIOUSLY disappointed.

If this was hentai, Ema would have been gangbanged already. Have any of you ever…wait, no nevermind. I shan’t corrupt you.

I’m not feeling anymore fangirl flashes for this show. For one, it has become way too predictable and two, I can’t stand Ema anymore. She is so vapid and I feel as if the guys are taking advantage of her because she doesn’t do anything about it – that or they’ve really never had a woman in their life before.

I know I said I wanted her to give the brothers a try but she’s just making herself too available.

She doesn’t put a challenge to the brothers. YOU MUST CHOOSE EMA!! No have them all. Only Tsubaki…and Kaname…Yuusuke too, if you want. Don’t forget Azusa!!

Man, she should just be with Wataru. That would be an unexpected ending – and it’s something that would make BroCon memorable.

That is all.

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  1. Its a Himitsu

    Yes im veeeeery biased but wow, that serious look ;3; I love that dude.
    Im pretty sure he wont give up, specially since it looks like he’s jelly of the others (jealous)
    Azusaaaa and tsubakkiiiis conflict omg~ this show will get better ^_^
    even is shes annoying <3

    1. charlmeister

      Haha, if it got narrowed down to just Azusa and Tsubaki fighting for her, then that would probably be more fun to watch – although I hate when the bromance gets corrupted because of a girl ;_; but I guess you’re right. Tsubaki will probably still chase her but I just get the feeling that he won’t try as hard now that Azusa has involved himself for some reason :/

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