BroCon 1Look at that beautiful art! This is my favorite opening sequence. I liked that a completely different atmosphere was used from the usual serene kind of opening. I liked the use of pathetic fallacy (at least that’s what I interpret it to be); the lightening and dark atmosphere represented well enough the turbulent, conflicting emotions among the characters in their sibling household.

This is also my favorite episode because FOR THE FIRST TIME, Ema defied the advances of one of her brothers and tried to make him understand that all she wants is for them to be a family. I misjudged you, Ema, my apologies. It’s just that you took soooo long to do something about all of this!

BroCon 3There were brotherly disputes, yet again, in this episode but mainly between Asahina  and Yuusuke. Let me just mention right now that I really dislike Asahina. He is just conceited and disgusting. He’s an ass. I never thought his personality was too rash but after this episode, my like for him has evaporated to dust that has just been blown away by the damn wind. He even hurt Tsubaki’s feelings by bringing up the fact that Tsubaki didn’t get the role he had worked so hard for. But he’s an idol, so probably it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s such a cunt.

BroCon 2

I really like Yuusuke though. Even though there’s a bit of ‘tsun’ in his personality, he’s pretty sweet and for me, his shyness is the core of his charm. I loved the scene where Ema woke up to find him watching her sleeping. It was creepy – I admit that much – but at the same time, it was really sweet and funny. He’s silly and I’m still rooting for him (although I can safely conclude that Ema will not be choosing anyone) and I’m also partial to his red hair. I like the fact that he doesn’t push his emotions on Ema, but is more concerned with just having a good time with her whenever she’s around – even though his thoughts tend to stray, like when he started watching her ass as she walked in front of him. Yuuske, you redhead devil!!

BroCon 4Like I mentioned earlier, Ema made clear what she wanted out of this entire setup – living with the brothers: just a family. She doesn’t want intimate relationships – she just wants there to be a platonic, sibling/family love (or maybe I’m stretching exactly what she wants. Maybe she doesn’t want it all to be platonic).

Asahina had tricked her into coming into a dark room. He bit into her neck with his plastic fangs and was about to kiss her but Ema shoved him away from her and told him no. Even though Ema’s expression have zero transitions, what she had to say did some modicum of character development in her favor. She actually isn’t easily swayed by what her brothers have to say, it’s just that she’s innocent in all of this and the moment she realizes that it begins to get out of hand, she’ll try to stop it. I guess shock can take most of the blame for her passivity in the previous episodes when Tsubaki and the others kissed her (I think she genuinely has some feelings for Tsubaki but that’s only a speculation).

BroCon 5When she returned home from the festival, Tsubaki saw her and the bite marks on her neck. He became jealous and demanded to know who did it. He also inferred that what he told her the last time they were alone together was something he meant. As he was about to kiss her, Azusa interrupted again. The two had a minor argument but Azusa was sick during this episode and fainted as he told Tsubaki he was only looking out for him. Tsubaki reached out for him but missed and that’s where the episode ended. Probably Tsubaki might have to take Azusa’s voice acting role, depending on the severity of his sickness.

I think the bond between Tsubaki and Azusa is the strongest out of all the brothers. Even when they’re angry with each other, it’s still obvious that they care deeply for each other and it hurts them both when they’re mad at each other. As much as I like the contrast between Yuusuke and Asahina that shows in their relationship, I still can’t stand Asahina.

I hope Yuusuke gives him a well deserved punch to the face in the next episode.





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  1. Cray-Cray

    I just love the twins >///< but I am biased towards Tsubaki :3 I think Futo/Asahina needs a good 'ol punch -_-

  2. Brissygirl (@Brissydigsu)

    Asahina is the brothers’ family name. You’re refering to Fuuto as ‘Asahina’ who is the second youngest brother and his attitude and behaviour towards Ema and his siblings.

    I absolutely agree with you that Fuuto has a major attitude problem and needs a swift kick or a good pounding from one of his brothers to knock some sense into him and make him wake up to the consequences of his actions.

    Kaname gets on my nerves a bit too. He’s supposed to be a Monk/Priest yet every opportunity he gets he’s flirting with Ema despite being older and hopefully wiser than the brothers who are openly pursuing her.

    Although I’m curious about what Ema said a couple of episodes ago when she was thinking about having made all the preparations for something. I don’t know if it means she is going to try living on her own again or something else entirely. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    Great chapter review!

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