“She is, straight up, our strongest enemy.”



Pict789Wow, what an intense fight. Ilya and Miyu were able to deal with Rider and Caster to an extent, but they were totally outclassed this time round. And their existing injuries weren’t helpful, either. Notice how everyone’s spent the entire episode in the Mirror World, with the battle showing no signs of finishing – that’s just how much of a threat Saber Alter is. With the magical resistance she has in the form of that “dense mist of mana”, even a full Divine Buster by Miyu can’t scratch her. Saber’s mana blasts makes trees explode, and she’s a sword master to boot – Miyu made the right choice by initially deciding to retreat, especially with their Class Cards unusable. Neither of them can fully block one of Saber’s standard blasts – if she decides to use Excalibur, it’s game over. I’m also wondering how much intelligence Servants actually have. Rin called Saber a “soulless Heroic Spirit” with no human intelligence, but Caster did display some simple tactics and knew how to prepare for their arrival. Saber’s only been swinging her sword around and walking in a straight line, but surely swordplay involves some sort of sentience?

Pict797Ilya was scared shitless today, and to be honest, I don’t blame her. Everything about this is different from how she imagined a magical girl job to be – Rin and Luvia are knocked out, and they’re being overwhelmed by this monstrous opponent. I can understand why she’d be slowly losing the will to fight. Reality probably crashed down when she saw the wound on her arm – if they don’t manage to get away, they’ll get seriously hurt. Actually, can they die fighting a Servant? As in, does being in the Mirror World not change the fact that people die when they get killed?

Pict813It was great seeing Rin and Luvia reappear as magical girls. Those ears! Why don’t Ilya and Miyu have them? They get…hair accessories instead. I mean, those are fine too, but…wait, going off topic. Anyway, now that we’ve actually seen Rin and Luvia in battle, winning might not be a pipe dream anymore! Hopefully. Both of them are much stronger than Ilya and Miyu – not just with base power output, but also with how they decide to use the sticks. I didn’t even know Ruby could change itself to anything other than Noble Phantasms. Rin and Luvia also have more experience – and with their teamwork (as unlikely as that might sound) they can hold their own against Saber. With that large-scale Starlight Breaker magic circle Luvia’s set up, maybe Saber will actually get damaged 😀 Unless Excalibur happens. Then they’re screwed. At this point, running away is probably not an option any longer, since things are starting to look up now. I also doubt Saber will fall for the same trick twice, if they leave and decide to return later.

…By the way. Is that Archer’s red coat I see in the preview?

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  1. Ryuutobi

    //…By the way. Is that Archer’s red coat I see in the preview?

    Yes, Archer will enter the fray and save the day.

    1. Vantage

      Woohoo! I had a feeling that Archer card wasn’t entirely useless xD

      1. Wanderer

        Oh, just wait until you see how not-useless it is.

        1. Eva

          It is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lorhand

    Saber’s only been swinging her sword around and walking in a straight line, but surely swordplay involves some sort of sentience?

    Zero-Berserker had an ability that allowed him to master any weapon he uses, even if he had lost his mind, so he simply relied on instinct. Saber Alter has Instinct Rank B, so I guess that’s why she’s acting the way she does.

    Anyway, weird cliffhanger. Or perhaps I’m just saying that because I’ve read the manga. Or I was annoyed because the first two minutes were a recap and the talking took so much time this episode.

    And lol at the ED pic. So if Alter is defeated, next will come Normal Saber, Lily, Lion and then Mysterious Heroine X? 😀 Bring them all (or just go back to Camelot)!

    1. Vantage

      Sabers for everyone! No red Saber though?

      And yeah, I’ve heard a lot of manga readers mention a better place for a cliffhanger up ahead. Still, that just means there’s more epic stuff saved for next week!

      1. Lorhand


        That’s all I have to say. Do you know Takeuchi Takashi’s answer?


        Correct. Sakura Saber!
        Nah, he’s just kidding. He’s well aware of the fact that he draws too much Saber. ^_^ She seems to be one of Takeuchi’s favorites, although I thought he liked Hisui more.

        I demand moar Ilya!

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