“There’s nothing I don’t know. I know everything.”



Hanekawa has size 23.5cm feet?

Pict718It should come as no surprise that the characters in the Monogatari series are…unusual, to say the least. Take Episode for example – while I’ve read Kizumonogatari, I had no idea what he looked like until today. It’s been so long! I didn’t think I’d ever hear his name mentioned again (along with Dramathurgy and Guillotine Cutter), let alone see him animated. As a half-vampire half-human who was not-so gracefully defeated by Araragi, his role in the series should have been over – though with his reappearance, it’s likely his new mercenary job factors into everything somehow. Especially since he has no idea what he has to do. The same applies to Gaen Izuko – she definitely didn’t get introduced just to knock Hanekawa around a bit. I must admit, I initially thought of Kagenui Yozuru when she first showed up. This lady easily tops her in confidence though…she could tell instantly that Hanekawa had an issue with an unknown tiger, and could even predict when she’ll wrap things up. Her confidence is almost frightening…as expected of Oshino’s senpai. Saying so easily that she “knows everything” completely contrasts what Hanekawa has been telling Araragi all along – that she doesn’t know everything, she “only knows what she knows”. And to Gaen, Hanekawa only knows nothing.

Yeah, that’s kinda cryptic. Standard fare for this show, really.

Pict734Even so, Hanekawa isn’t totally ignorant. After finding the cat hair and the dirt, she definitely knows that something’s up with Black Hanekawa, though their relationship is slightly more amicable this time, and the cat isn’t going around stealing the life force of random humans. Araragi’s mother (scary!) and Gaen really didn’t mince their words though. As long as she keeps thinking everything’s okay, no-one can help even if she doesn’t admit something’s wrong. Well, no-one except Araragi, and he isn’t here at the moment. I think it’s only right that Hanekawa herself deals with the tiger – it’s burning down locations where she’s spent the night, and it obviously only has business with her. It won’t be the same if someone else takes care of it for her. Not only that – she has to come to terms with her own envy.

I’m not too sure what’s up with the whole “naming” thing, especially as Gaen’s suggestion means it’s…not really her who’s naming it. But again, that’s typical of this show 😀 It was also nice to see Hanekawa try to communicate with her cat for the first time, though I’d have preferred if she didn’t make it sound like she’s going to die or something.