“You don’t need to fight anymore.”



Pict341I never knew the names of Ilya’s classmates before, but I think I’ll remember the blonde girl, Tatsuko – who happens to be horribly atrocious very abstract with her drawings and speaks terrible Engrish. It seems like this week’s many hijinks weren’t relevant to much in particular, but they were good fun nevertheless! All of that contrasted with the hurt Ilya’s going through after her confrontation with Miyukichi, to the point that both Sella and her classmates noticed something was wrong. She’s still reacting whenever she sees Miyu – it’s such a pity really, especially as they managed to get closer last episode.

It looks like Ilya’s decided to resign for now. While it might seem sorta weird in the context of a magical girl show (where friendship, love and continued effort can beat any enemy!) it’s interesting that they’re focusing very much on the reality of collecting the Class Cards – Ilya is very aware of the dangers of the Mirror World, and Rin understands that no elementary school girl should have to go through near-death experiences. For someone who originally signed up for the novelty and fun of it, it must have been quite a shock. If you’ll allow me to overuse Nanoha as a contrast yet again, there’s never much talk in that show about any death or injury risks (except pushing your own power to its limits). And Nanoha’s words are extremely mature for an eight year old girl.

Anyway, those are Ilya’s thoughts – but Miyu’s completely different. I’m not too sure what’s up with her – and it seems like she never got recruited by Luvia, which was my initial train of thought. Sapphire ended up contracting with a new Master all by herself, a Master who looked suspiciously lost and homeless before she met Luvia. Actually, calling it “suspicious” would be a bit too extreme, but something’s still not right here. It’s also probably related to Miyu’s desire to collect the Class Cards at all costs – it’s like those characters in fantasy shows who have an unshakeable desire for vengeance because their little sister died or something.

I was going to say something about Shirou (who is as dense as ever) finally reappearing, but Irisviel in the preview deserves more discussion 😀 It’s Iri! At last! Maybe she’ll give Ilya a bit of a pep talk, to get her morale back up again. After all, even though she’s quit for now, she’s still clearly attached to all this – and Ruby’s probably fully aware of that. Also, I have a feeling Miyu’s going to have a bit of trouble getting the last Class Card, especially when she’s up against a scary corrupted Berserker (another Heaven’s Feel concept).


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  1. Di Gi Kazune

    Tatsuko – the complete maniacal fool.
    Suzuka – the fujoshi class rep.
    Mimi – poor, poor, poor broken Mimi (the secret homoerotic novelist-honours student).
    Nanaki – the foil to everyone.

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