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….. What the the hell? Really? Are you serious? I was half expecting this to be a big deal- you know Birth of Gravekeepers and all that but-that’s it?
Oh man, this is probably Kami-Nai weakest episode yet. I sincerely hope it won’t continue going downhill anymore because ever since Ortus Arc wrapped up (not to mention on a WTF-Note), the flow hasn’t been the same, nor has it been very interesting. Of course whether we like it or not, these are all little steps that they needed to take to get to their final destination: Ostia, Alis’ hometown, or so I assume. The preview definitely implied that it’s going to be an intense backstory, so I sincerely hope it will be.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 9 Img 0033What makes this episode weak was one: It was boring, and not to mention Yuri’s uh… so-called confession? No, scratch that, I can hardly accept it as a confession. It was so mediocre that I was sorely disappointed.  It just, I felt there was no build up to that point and it just sounded so lame. It’s also disappointing if it really were though because honestly, I was really looking forward to seeing how Yuri x Scar relationship would develop, but with how things played out they didn’t get much screentime (but it’s to be expected when they aren’t the main characters).
Speaking of relationships, it certainly feels like Alis and Dee are drifting apart as he is shifting his attention to Ai as she has proven to be interesting. It also appears he has taken a liking to her, but it’s hard to say. However on Gee’s side, I think it’s clear that it hurts her a bit to see that because up till now, she and Alis only really had each other, despite the fact Dee is haunting him.
We learned that the location where Gravekeepers are born is called: Story Circle. It’s filled with crystals and punctures in the ground from when the lightning bolt as we see it once it pierces the crystal. The creepy part about the whole thing is that it turns out Gravekeepers are not only one of the kind individuals, there can be some that are born identical in vast numbers up to thousands. Nothing creepier than that, than a horde of identical people that you would think have been cloned. However like Hana and Scar, there are a some that are the only ones in existence.
Scar had returned to her birthplace because she had been feeling unstable, embracing newfound emotions that she had never experienced before. Gravekeepers are said to not have any emotions whatsoever, so they are indifferent to their targets and those who resent them. However like Hana, Scar eventually became less like a robot and more human. As Yuri told her, Gravekeepers don’t cry, so in a sense Scar has become human much like Hana had.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 9 Img 0026Then there was that dense fog where everyone saw a little something that I think they wanted to see (or those who have passed on). Ai saw her parents together, and was initially upset to see them walking off happily because Humbert had destroyed her mother’s dream. However she then remembered what they both had told her and was able to get through the fog. Yuri had seen his wife and daughter and Alis was seen looking out the window of his classroom, which I am now convinced oversees his hometown as the Ferris Wheel is clearly an important landmark.
We are finally moving into the final three episodes (holy shit that flew by fast). I don’t know whether this will be a three episode arc or not, but depending on how serious the situation is, we will find out for sure next week. As I mentioned in the above, the preview looks intense. As the episode ended, Alis had told Ai that in Ostia, that where Class 3-4 is being held captive. He didn’t say what happened to the, but judging by the preview it looks like they had been attacked and killed. This is probably the main reason why he needed Scar, especially if he intends to ‘free’ his classmates by having them buried. However, Scar says in the preview that she doesn’t sense any dead there, so I am curious to see what the situation is.


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  1. Leerin Gray

    I feel like they are rushing things a bit. And I think it would be more awesome if scar would of fought back. Something. It was like instant: OK! I do love Ai, even if she is kind of an airhead. Though where int the world is her spade?

  2. yandereobessed

    I just LOVE my ship so much, My heart will break.
    In the novel/manga in vol 5 THERES MORE AI AND ALIS MOES >…<
    Uwwaaah <3
    sorry, fangirling

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