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Before I address the “WTF just happened I am Lost” bit, lets talk about how emotionally touching this episode was. My goodness, all the feels man! ALL THE FEELS! Ulla is such a precious girl, and I absolutely loved how differently the outcome turned out to be. In most situations like this, drama ensues and shit hits the fan. I was almost 100% certain that was going to happen when Ai suggested that perhaps Ulla had been lied to about her powers and doesn’t realize that her abilities kills people rather than revive them. Can we give Ai a round of applause for how bright she is? I absolutely adore her for that. She takes every experience and learns so much from it. The reason why she even thought of that was because of how she was in the past, where she had believed the people of the village were alive, and how her father Humbert was devastated about being immortal where it will only lead him to loneliness as the eventually wounding up at the last Human that is left alive.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 6 Img 0028It was incredibly touching to the point I was actually at the bring of tears when Ulla was telling Ai and Kiriko that she doesn’t want them to be sad, and that she loves them both dearly, especially at the very moment when Ulla and Ai hug with Kiriko in between to prevent Ulla’s powers from killing Ai. The two things that saddens Ulla the most was  being unable to see Ai, and the second being unable to hold her. So that hug was incredibly precious scene.

Ulla had asked Ai whether she thought she was evil because she is the Idol of Murder, but I don’t believe her to be evil at all. She has no evil intent, she is simply granting the wishes of those who want to die in peace despite the fact she wasn’t entirely sure what her power was. It is the choice of those people to decide whether they want to continue living alive or as the dead. Of course the ultimate ideal is for both the living and the dead to live in harmony, but due to the discrimination, it makes it difficult to happen. But most importantly, Ulla also loves who she is, which I find very special for someone who would be usually consider be burdened by such power, as well as Ortus.

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 6 Img 0023Then there was Kiriko’s confession that he loves Ulla (sadly it was not in front of her ;w;). It wasn’t over the top, it wasn’t some corny crap- I found it beautiful because it’s simple small things that he cherished and loved about her. I was then pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t some dramatic stuff going down with Kiriko and his parents about doing everything in their power to prevent Ai from telling Ulla the truth. I respect them so much for that, and I especially respect Kiriko for not going batshit insane and actually listened to Ai when she told him that they had to tell Ulla the truth. Kiriko was assigned to deceitfully educate Ulla, but he soon he became motivated to protect her, and it’s because of that he didn’t want to and was afraid to reveal the truth. The sweetest part was that Ulla didn’t resent him for it since she knew, half of it at least- sensing that there was something unique about her eyes and that they were keeping her in the dark about something, but she didn’t mind about that.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 6 Img 0033We were also given the explanation how Ulla wounded up with the power she has, something I was relieved to hear about because I was wondering whether we would ever find out. It turns out that her mother who hated absolutely everything about the world, her life and her twin daughters within her womb made a powerful yet cruel wish for humans to die. Ulla had accepted it and thus ended up with the ability to kill them. On the other hand, her elder twin sister Celica rejected it, and has been asleep ever since.
Now here is where I get lost.
We find out that the voice Scar has been hearing this entire time was in fact Celica (and the false pregnancy signs turned out to be part of foreshadowing). But here is where I get lost…
Scar reveals that Celica is her daughter.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 6 Img 0037I don’t get it, I am absolutely lost here. There must be some sort of explanation- or at least I hope there is in the Light Novel at the very least. I know it’s not out of the ordinary for light novel adaptations to leave chunks details out, but- my god, am I the only one who is confused about this? I honestly don’t get it. I either missed something or details revolving the matter has been left out. One or the other, that’s all there is to it… I wonder if there is any translations of the light novel out there…
But regardless of the confusion, admittedly it was still pretty sweet. It will be very interesting how Scar behaves from this point on because up till now she hasn’t exactly shown us a range of emotions and supposedly Gravekeepers aren’t supposed to have emotions or something along the lines.
Another interesting thing is that it appears this adaption is organized in segments of arcs. The Valley of Death, three episodes, Ortus also three episodes and both were wrapped up with the sense of finality. I wonder if this is how the pattern is going to go, or whether the next segment will be a tad longer and last until the finale. If that’s the case, that’s not entirely bad since they are handling it pretty nicely.
Finally to close this entry, I am just going to leave the points of two interesting tidbits we learned about Ortus this week.
– The dark secret of Ortus is that anyone who is seen, spoken to, or touched by Ulla- dies, peacefully
 (but really it’s not that much of a ‘Dark Secret’ as it claims to be)
– Immigrated children of the dead  who are still alive under the age of 15 are allowed to live within the city with their dead parents. Once they turn 15, they are forced to choose whether to join the dead or leave to leave the city. The Lion Mask guy had to do that.


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  1. Cray-Cray

    Im just happy that the next ep they are doing the red haired boy :3

  2. Vantage

    When Ulla said there were two things that sadden her, I was so scared she was going to go “…so please die for me” :S But yeah, the whole thing with Scar’s daughter at the end felt very rushed – just thrown in to solve that subplot.
    I’m also not sure how I feel about a school arc next. This show was doing just fine without a school theme…

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