The World God Only Knows III Episode 7 Image 0008

Synopsis: The goddess search is going well, but the strain is too much for Keima and he falls ill. However, this is an opportunity the God of Conquest to trigger the sick visit event. Ayumi and Chihiro are the remaining candidates for the final goddess. However, Keima doesn’t realize how difficult it is to conquer two friends at the same time.


 Oh Keima, Keima, Keima… you poor fool. For all his bluster and confidence, he really is quite naive. That said, I guess there was really no way for him to know that Ayumi had spoken to Chihiro so… I guess I’ll let it slide just this once, but the God of Conquest can’t be making such juvenile mistakes! Fix it Keima you amazing bastard!

 Episode 7 was… well, it was the best episode thus far, let’s just say that. Comical, cute and, simply, an episode the encompassed everything that makes The World God Only Knows… well, The World God Only Knows. What made this episode great however, was that it managed to ‘introduce’ two girls into the mix without compromising on plot quality. The pacing was great, comedy was awesome and the animation… well, the animation was exactly what I have come to expect from the Goddesses Arc (it’s not great…). The plot itself was the episodes strongest point, a love rivalry between two favorites, Ayumi and Chihiro, makes for an episode of intense sweating (literally) and singing (literally… although it sounded more like humming if I’m being honest). Keima didn’t want a love triangle, in fact it’s the event he wanted most not to happen and, when it did happen, it had to happen to two close friends. I think it’s great that they’ve chosen Ayumi and Chihiro for this ‘arc’, due mainly to their closeness and the fact that only one of them remembers being conquered and only one of them has fallen in love with Keima all over again… I don’t know, I guess I just think it’s sweet/totally awesome.

Oh! And just saying but… if Haqua had been there this entire thing would have gone smoothly. I mean, that blonde guy was a waste of space! That derpy moment when he thought he was doing the right thing… such an imbecile. The question however, is… where is Haqua? She went to her ‘meeting’ right? Are we going to see this meeting? Or is it going to be some abstract back story that they’ve used to get rid of Haqua for a while, therefore making Keima’s life harder? I hope they let us in on what’s going on…

 But, if we’re being honest here, not much actually happened in this episode. Ayumi and Chihiro turned up to look after Keima and Chihiro confessed. That’s it. I loved this episode, don’t get me wrong, and there was no way for them to do it any other way, but when you’ve got such a… ‘minimalistic’ episode, such is episode 7, there’s not much you can write about, y’know? And so, goodbye.