Brothers’ Conflict: [Episode 9]


Natsume should be with Ema. HE IS THE ONE! I am banging the gavel. It is so ordered. Every other brother is irrelevant. Why was I so blind to his obvious charm and amazing body??

*licks screen and faints*

Oh lord…How dare they sculpt his body to such perfection!

Let me get my thoughts and propriety in place.

Okay so this episode is by far my favorite. And no, I’m not being biased because of the kissing action I got, the sexy abs (why is the towel there v_v) and Natsume. I actually really liked the tone of this episode and it stood out for me because of the serious issue that was dealt with and I also liked the theme in this one: finding a sense of belonging.

It turns out that Ema is adopted. Rintarou is not her real father but took her as his own when her parents died in an accident. She was a baby when this happened, so she had no knowledge of this. I guess the fact that she slightly resembles him is just a mere coincidence. She found out at school where she was given some medical report or something like that (goddamn, I really need to pay attention to these tiny details).

Naturally, she was feeling depressed about it and Natsume found her and brought her back to his place because she wasn’t in the mood to return to the apartment because she suddenly felt that she was being a burden to everyone, now that she knows that she isn’t actually family.

While they were at his place, Natsume confessed to her and also apologized for the strain he and his brothers caused by cornering her with their affection for her. I really like him, though his choice of words when he confessed made my eye twitch (it was terrible), I liked that he pulled her back; hugged her then kissed her.

dies once more at the memory

BroCon 3


Another thing I really loved about this episode was the fleshing out of Louis’ character. I always wondered why he seemed so detached from everyone else. Even though he isn’t the only one absent from the family scene at times, the mood I got from him was completely different from the others. And that’s because his situation is similar to Ema’s.

This has got to be the most precious family photo. Look at my little Yusuke, all smiles ^-^
This has got to be the most precious family photo. Look at my little Yusuke, all smiles ^-^

He was an orphan, adopted by Ema’s stepmother, whose name I cannot remember. He told her that family wasn’t necessarily forged by the bond of blood but by the heart. Wise words. Such wise words. He easily became my favorite in this episode. I think he’s finally found his sense of belonging now that he has Ema, who shares his background and he told her that she is his family. I really liked the way he comforted her and I’m glad that his affection for her is nothing but platonic – which would explain why Juli trusts him.

Speaking of Juli!


So this is what Juli actually looks like. I’m guessing he’s an angel who was sent to watch over her since the unfortunate death of her parents (as he explained). He also apologized for keeping the truth from her and told her that he loved her then ended her dream there. HAVE MORE DREAMS OF JULI EMA!!

I really, really loved this episode.

Ema and NatsumeAnd I have decided that these two are the ones I shall ship forevah!


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  1. My OTP is still Tsuma ;3 THEY, ITS UWAAH PERFECT <3
    Only 1 episode left :O :O :O
    (since episode 11 was released today.)

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