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OH RIN, *SOBS* MAN TALKING ABOUT DROPPING BOMBS ONE AFTER ANOTHER ON THIS GUY. FOR THREE WEEKS IN A ROW, THIS GUY HASN’T CAUGHT A BREAK AT ALL! The last bomb was just horrible, cruel but to be expected as how Rin’s attitude has been while training for the relay. It sucks because Rin finally was able to take a step forward, by telling Rei what made him change ever he went to Australia and came back, and some heartfelt advice. It’s going to be a horrible for Haru to see Rin not be included in the line up for the relay. I honestly am not a hundred percent certain whether they will add Rin to the lineup anyways, but if they don’t- I think it would also be pretty awesome despite how heartbreaking it would be to see. I do expect a good wrap up for the finale next week, but more than anything I am crossing my fingers for a second season. Throughout this entire show, most of our main boys have undergone quality character development (the only one whose Character Development hasn’t exactly been in the spotlight is Nagisa’s), so realistically speaking, it would probably be better for the show to be only one season, but who knows.
Free! Ep 11 Img 0024I am happy to finally hear the reason why Rin wanted to quit swimming. During his stay in Australia, he could never swim as well as he did back in Japan, and felt his dream of becoming an olympic swimmer becoming out of reach. He came to the conclusion that he ruined himself, because he swam in relay. It was only when he swam with Haru that night when the boys snuck into his school’s pool when he found the desire to swim again.
Free! Ep 11 Img 0006My favourite burn part of the episode was when Rei was telling Rin that he enjoyed being part of the relay because of the team and it’s fun. I found this scene to be so symbolic because the moment he said that, Rin saw his younger self in Rei. On top of that, we learned that Rin didn’t know that Haru blamed himself and that dropped a shitload of bricks on him.
I swear to god, the goodies between Haru and Makoto was overwhelming that I am like, “STAWP IT YOU TWO! MY FEELS, I CANNOT!!!111” I swear to god I haven’t shipped bromance this much since Tiger & Bunny. Nagisa and Rei’s relationship is also flawless because I can’t with them either.
Free! Ep 11 Img 0011You know what I love about this show (and I’ll be sure to mention it in the Overall Review) : The character’s eyes. There is so much depth behind them! It shows us the light, the darkness, the emotions- taking it to a whole new level. Kyoto Animation also have been doing an outstanding job with body language. When you apply these things to animation, I always felt that it adds a layer of realism. Of course this is just how I feel.
On the extra note, can be all take a moment to appreciate  Seijuurou’s serious side? *Swoons* He’s so cool!


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    I pretty much felt the same way…. 😀 …, but you expressed it better than I could with your take on this episode!! XD Yes, I am crossing my fingers for a season two! >_<

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