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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 12 Img 0015Bravo! Bravo! What a glorious, tearjerking ending! I haven’t cried since Episode 3, so I was REALLY happy that this episode made me cry (of course not as nearly as much, nevertheless I still cried a lot). It was great to see a solid ending so a great arc. It turns out there was a PLOT TWIST! Alis was actually the one who died, not Dee and I was like like, “OH SHIT!”. It was true that Dee was about to fall out the window, but when Alis went to save her, he was the one who ended up falling to his death.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 12 Img 0038I am extremely happy that Ai was able to save Alis even though he’s already dead in the real world. I felt that this was a good that happened because Ai already had to bury her father, who more than anything wanted to die happily so she granted his wish. And then here we have Alis who was sacrificing himself for the greater good in order to save his classmates and the outsiders who have been reset by the wish, despite the fact deep inside his heart, it saddened him to disappear alone.
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You have no idea how happy I was to get a confirmation that it was in fact, the class who had made the wish because I wasn’t a hundred percent convinced. But one of the things I found rather confusing was how the memories got mixed up in the first place. Everyone, including Dee when she was triggering to forcibly reset the world, thought was the one who had died when in reality it was really Alis. So at that moment I thought, “Well maybe she made a wish to take Alis’ place?” but it turns out that wasn’t the case. Dee actually made a very interesting point about the wish her classmates had made. They wished for eternity instead of bringing her (or rather Alis) back from the dead. But since it has happened fourteen years ago, that means the effect was in place for the dead to continue living. However Alis had mentioned that he had received a burial from a Gravekeeper because he never had the chance to live as an undead since his death made it impossible for him to function at all. And so because of that, I think the reason why Alis was able to to leave the world was precisely because he had died, and Dee who was alive and trapped in that world could only come out as a ghost because her body was not in the real world.
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By the very end of the episode, when Ai refused to give up and let Alis be destroyed alongwith the false world and just threw herself into his arms. It is safe to say that was the very moment I started shipping the two. It is quite funny because now the show is over, (unless we get a second season of course) but I loved that moment. The emotions were running high, I had tears streaming down my cheeks, it was painful yet a beautiful scene to watch Alis bid farewell to each of his classmates and the teacher. I found it especially touching that Dee asked Alis to smile for her. I was happy that she wasn’t selfish and ask for a kiss because there are some characters that do that, and 99% of the time it annoys the hell out of me, so I am relieved that they didn’t take that route.
Alis always had a big heart, but it wasn’t showcased too much. It’s difficult to say whether Alis’ character was inconstant or not, because he would go back and forth between the soft side and the rough side. But in all honesty, it doesn’t bother me too much. I feel that, he grew more softer as he gradually began to develop feelings for Ai, and his warm heart was starting to resurface. It also makes a bit of sense that he couldn’t remember that he had died because as Dee had confessed last episode- she shot him, forcing him to lose his memories. It’s a wonder though, whether Alis had knew at the time before she had shot him that he was the one who was dead, and so that’s what fuelled his desire to free his classmates who were very much alive.
I also find it rather interesting how, Alis wanted to destroy the false world trapping his classmates and anyone else who was caught up in the reset on July 24th. In order to attempt destroying it, he would try to shake up the world by bringing in strangers, killing his classmates, doing anything he can to break the loop of the routine. However Dee showed us that by doing that, that wouldn’t have destroyed the world, but forcibly reset it. In the end, the only way to free everyone was for them to remember the truth by experiencing the contradiction of the loop which made all of them realize that it was in fact Alis all long who was dead. It was partially that (along with having caught both Dee and Alis from falling from the window + Alis remembering that he had died) which had stopped the world from resetting, and instead began to open the entrances for the people brought into this world and his classmates to get out as it began to fall apart.
Overall Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi had its ups and downs, but it is definitely one of the better shows of the Summer 2013 season. A strong start, weak middle, and back with a solid finish in the end made it absolutely worth my time to watch. Although we don’t get to see Ai save the world, I liked how MADHOUSE handled the flow of storyline by carefully dividing up the arcs into three episodes except for Ep 9, which was more like a mini arc in a sense. Dividing the story up into the arcs with the average of three episodes was a smart idea, and for most part the pacing was really well done. Without a doubt, The Valley of Death and Class 3-4 were the two strongest arcs, both in delivery and storyline. They were also the only two that made me cry as much as I did.
In the end, while I did enjoy Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, it is certainly did not land as one of my top favourites, nor will I probably rewatch it, but it is still a good enough show that is worth enough of your time to watch if you’re looking for something to marathon during a holiday or break.
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  1. KF

    Eva … I’m not going to lie to you. I love this anime. But this show was rushed so much that it ruin a lot of things for me. And I am so confuse…

    1. Eva

      There are definitely a lot of unanswered questions, and bits that are confusing to everyone, and certainly far from perfection but I wouldn’t say it was too rushed. I think the pacing was relatively good considering how they done it, and when you think about it- it could have potentially ended up like a train wreck.
      Actually- god damn it, it only hit me now. Alis was able to leave the false world before, but then is supposedly unable to leave because he’s dead… *HEADESKS* The only conclusion I can come up with is that because he realized that he was the one who had died in the first place, it ‘bounds’ him to the false world because his body was already buried… oh help us all, it gets more and more confusing the more we think about it.

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