This week the identity of the Feminine titan, the titan who killed countless comrades and friends of Eren Jeagar and the Survey corps, is finally revealed.

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The episode begins rather simply, but very very simply. If you’ve had any suspicion about who the Feminine Titan is : congratulations, the very beginning of the episode basically confirms it for you. The focus is on Annie Leonhart as she awakens in her quarters, her hair down being oddly similar to that of the Female Titan.

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Through the episode we see that Annie wants those who are considered lesser to be remembered as ‘human’ too. That human life is invaluable, or perhaps that this means human life is all the same no matter the course of action you choose. Annie seems to think about Eren when she refers to this, and it isn’t long before we see Armin, Eren, and Mikasa appear to her, asking her for help in evacuating Eren.

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OKAY LOOK, ARMIN’S MOM JOKES ASIDE. We all knew Annie was the female titan, or had a strong feeling thanks to the hair style and grin during the Feminine Titan arcs beginning. So this was no surprise, it was more disturbing. How could someone so thoroughly infiltrate a group like this? Be people’s friends, and then kill so many of them? The question strikes very thoroughly with me because of one scene: Annie crying in titan form as Eren was taken from her.

We see it now.

Annie, whatever her goal is, HAS to kidnap Eren. She has NO choice. Just like everyone in the Survey Corps must stop her, SHE knows she has NO choice but to do what she has done and will do. She is trapped.

And as trapped as she is, that is how Eren feels.


Eren can’t seem to will his titan form to do it. He knew it, he wanted to believe it was a lie. But even then- he can’t. Because they were all supposed to be suffering together. But she’s part of the people who did this. Who caused his mother to be eaten, his whole race to be destroyed. She’s one of the people he vowed to murder viciously.


But he has no choice.

Because Annie WILL escape. It WILL have been for nothing. And she DID kill so many people he cared about.

Petra, Erd, – countless bodies lie from an experienced squad.

Even Marco, one of his generation, lay dead because of Annie.


He can’t just lay down and die,


They seem to capture the Female Titan with a trick and Hanji plays the intimidation game (fabulously might I add)


But she breaks free. . . and there is only one chance. One hope. . . and that is for Eren to throw away his humanity and kill her before she can escape!


Eren will. . . .annihilate her!