Diabolik Lovers: Episode 6 (and 6.5…)

Diabolik Lovers 1Yui is given the chance – rare opportunity – to escape and she stays. She stays. She’s staying to find out the truth. Ha. Ha. Ha. ha..ha. Ha…If the so called “plot” was worth it then I’d probably be all for it, and anxiety-stricken for more S&M – which isn’t remotely as good as I would have liked. Is hentai the only thing that can nail that properly, as overboard and disgustingly sick as it can get?? If the storytelling was great then maybe I wouldn’t have rolled my eyes at her stupid decision. But these decisions have to be made…in the name of PLOT.

Diabolik Lovers 3Subaru’s a good guy. This is why girls like assholes. Because beneath all that rough, cold, harsh language there’s a soft, caramel-y spot right on the inside. Of course that’s what anime and Hollywood would like us to believe. He’s the deviant among the brothers, and I guess that rough behavior is his façade to fit in with them – or just so they won’t speculate about what deeper intentions lie within.

Diabolik Lovers 4He gave Yui a silver stake, and told her that it is the only thing that can kill vampires. I wonder if they actually turn to ash when exposed to sunlight? I know about the silver though!!! (Supernatural taught me everything I need to know about the…supernatural…). That and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s an awesome writer who knows about the tools needed to kill vampires, ghouls, werewolves. I’m rambling.

It’s lovely that Subaru has no intentions of going dental on her neck. But he’s more interested in helping her…when he has the chance.

Diabolik Lovers 2Kanato tried to scare Yui and took her into a room where they kept the waxed figures of sacrificial brides. He asked her if she wanted to join them and give up her soul. I wonder if Kanato is into necrophilia? I mean…he doesn’t seem a far cry from liking something so insane.

Diabolik Lovers 5Yui once again tries to gain control of what happens around her when it comes to these boys, and demanded that Raito get out her room. Raito doesn’t take Little Bitch seriously and now confesses that he likes her more than just wanting her blood.

Episode 6.5 was just a summary of the previous episodes.

How does that even make sense when nothing major has happened, when there has been nothing that comes close to signifying the end of a chapter?? I guess from here on, Yui’s power as a vampire will be awakened.

Probably Kanato will play a major role in the upcoming episodes because he’s been given a lot of limelight in the last couple episodes.

I had planned to drop this series but I’ve never dropped a reverse harem before and I’m not going to start now. I will just drudge through this, with as much enthusiasm as I can squeeze from my apathy towards this show.


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  1. Subaru’s mother, Christa, was a sacrifice like Yui. She was raped, abused, turned into a vampire, imprisoned and forced to give birth to him by his father and by Cordelia (the triplet’s mom). He doesn’t fit in because he has never taken a woman as sacrificial bride (an important detail in the visual novel, he’s also a virgin who blushes and stammers when he and Yui hold hands rather than a suave scheming manipulator). He’s angry and trashes things, is crude and threatens because he honestly doesn’t know what to do to make things better for his mother (who wants him to kill her) or Yui. It’s his bottled up impotence and desperation of knowing he’s weaker than everyone else and loses control over his vampire body.

    He listened to her blood curling screams during all his childhood.

    Subaru is a kind guy who never hurts Yui intentionally. When he notices he has hurt her because she foolishly stayed near him when he warned her during the full moon, he gets broken hearted and tries to heal and comfort her. Yui’s blood thankfully turns him stronger so he can control his instincts and stand up against his father. It’s a vanilla tsundere love route with the most normal romance. Subaru is rough in the edges but Yui notices immediately he’s soft and he’s taken with her early on. Once his instincts are reigned, he’s perfect otome tsundere guy.

    1. Wow…reading that just makes me realize…THIS ANIME IS A DAMN JOKE! Honestly. If they have such great material, why wasn’t it used more in the anime rather than for meaningless ravishing and disjointed happenings happen over and over again.
      That would have been so good if they had brought it over into the anime. Working with his route would have done well enough for D.L.

      The otome adaptations should end. I’m going to file a complaint and send in a petition that they only try to do visual novel adaptations from now on because the stories from the visual novel have so much more material and potential than just working from the damn game. I’m even more upset with this waste of an anime that COULD HAVE been good now that you’ve told me this.
      They are so backwards…

      1. The anime is only meant to be promotional material for the Visual Novel. They aren’t attempting to do a good job, just a pretty promo. They’ll likely throw the “Subaru (under the curse of the full moon) attacks Yui” scene added without a context if you follow the abuse pattern. Many agree with you, by the way, they should have done Subaru’s route and flesh out Shuu more there (since they are the two favorite vampire brothers and the ones who have the less dark routes, ironically). Subaru’s true ending was perfect for closure: Karlheinz dead, Cordelia presence gone for good, Christa set free through a painless death as she wanted to, Shuu recovering some of his former personality and becoming the new king, who banishes Subaru and Yui so they would live their lives freely (and no one can punish them because he already did). Subaru asking Yui if he wants to be with him forever, and Yui accepting to turn into a vampire, for love.

        It derails Cordelia’s plans to be the single vampire queen (which she sort of accomplishes if Yui marries the vampire king in the game). Makes Shuu the rightful king which is a nice fuck you to Reiji (who destroyed everything he loved to make him apathetic to the point of suicidal to usurp his place) and Cordelia (who wanted Ayato, there. Ayato is an asshole, Shuu would be a better ruler, he always had sympathies to human beings, losing them is what made him how he is). And gives Subaru and Yui a romantic closure. Out all the boys, Yui had more ‘real’ healthy romantic chemistry with Subaru and she’s completely sane in his ending (unlike Kanato’s route and endings where she goes nuts as a sadistic vampire lover-queen when she doesn’t end up as his wax doll).

        1. But if that’s the case, shouldn’t they do a well enough job that makes me WANT TO get my own copy of the visual novel – something to whet the appetite?? If this is the best they can do for promotional material then it’s time to go back to the drawing board. This doesn’t cut it.

          Because honestly, if you hadn’t mentioned the story (and the other routes) from the visual novel, I’d have written Diabolik Lovers off as absolute shit on a stick.

          1. Most people who follow this just want a taste of a pretty boy animated. They could potentially “upset” the fans if they picked a boy route and don’t do a meshed mess. They do it every time in VN adaptations for otome games. At least DL is a little better as bearable pacing than Amnesia was, for instance. It butchered the VN in both occasions.

            But it’s quite stupid to ignore the two most popular vampires (Shuu and Subaru) to favor the triplets. They had a popularity poll and Shuu won it by a landslide with Reiji as the least popular one (well deserved loss). The problem with those routes is that Shuu doesn’t bother to touch Yui until middle because she wanted to and pestered him all the route (Yui’s proactive not a passive one in his route, out necessity- they had to rush a scene to make Shuu bite her because otherwise he’ll be in his room ignoring she exists) and Subaru, outside verbal threats and breaking stuff, doesn’t harm her unless is unwilling (he even holds back from drinking blood even if she insists to do it and when he has to, to grow stronger, he licks her wounds and tries to make it quick and painless). So it’s a problem if you want to sell this as SM blood kink VN. The triplets are the easiest way to do it. Reiji is a sick sick bastard, but he ignores Yui unless is his route because he’s not interested in imperfect things.

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