Galilei Donna Episode 1 [First Impression]

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Eva’s First Impression:
Galilei Donna Ep 1 Img 0009Uhhhh where to start?
I really don’t have any idea what’s going on except for the fact the three girls who are famously known as  Galileo Sisters (descendants of Galileo Galilei) are being targeted. We don’t know for sure whether the men in the black suits were from the same party as the red-hair guy who just blew himself into their house. Apparently Galileo Galilei’s inheritance and knowledge is a big factor in it, but we know nothing about the motives.
The episode had started off with a mining plant being attacked and destroyed by three mobile suits. We know nothing about who’s behind that and their reasons for it besides having taken possession of the Methane Hydrate Cartridge. Who took it, and how they plan to use it.
Galilei Donna Ep 1 Img 0017Despite not quite understanding what’s going and the motives that are fuelling the enemies’ actions, I somehow felt it was still a fun and exciting episode. We were able to get a glimpse at each of the sister’s personalities and how they handle dangerous situations. Hazuki the eldest sister is someone who studies Law in order to become a prosecutor has a ton of fire in her (and likes to drink). Despite being held hostage and at gunpoint, warned not to move- she stood up and gave the boss a piece of her mind. Luckily for her though, the red-hair guy (we have no idea what his name is) liked that face she has fire, and quickly became fond of her by giving her a nickname, ‘Bambina’. And hey, as long as  he isn’t too bad of a guy, I think I’m going to ship those two. The guy is pretty interesting himself, especially considering the gun he had wasn’t loaded to begin with so his threat that he’d shoot anyone who defied him was merely a bluff.
Galilei Donna Ep 1 Img 0012Then we have Kazuki She is pretty quiet, and would rather do her own thing and work individually as she skips classes. We know she has a crush, but the odds of seeing her interact with him in slim. Anyhow we really did not see much of her this week.
And finally there’s Hozuki, the youngest sister. She is pretty quiet like Kazuki, but she appears to be the wisest of the group, and most likely inherited Galileo Galilei’s engineering skills much like her mother had. Her scooter happens to also be a Stun Gun Launcher (which is totally sick) which she used to shoot the pursuers’ ship and get away. It appears she also most likely build the Goldfish ship considering neither of her parents knew about it. And I must say, the Goldfish ship is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Absolutely badass and the little gold fish thing is the best.
The animation is pretty good, the CG is fine I don’t have any problem with it. The character designs, for the girls in particular remind me a lot of SAO’s. The OP song and sequence was really cute, the ED is a bit forgettable though.
And so despite the lack of information I am definitely interested enough to give this show a whirl.
Possibility of Blogging: High
Possibility of Watching: Guranteed


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