Galilei Donna Episode 4

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The girls head to Germany, after they have located a map of the country hidden within the musical note. They try to locate the next clue, but with no luck they decide to stock up on some supplies. However in the end they were chased by two crew members of the Black Ganymede where Hozuki ends up getting critically injured in the process. With Hozuki down, Kazuki takes control of the situation by getting them a doctor to operate, and getting them out of the area as they are pursued by Black Ganymede.

Oh wow wtf I was actually able to write up a summary this time, IT’S A MIRACLE been so longggggg
Galilei Donna Ep 4 Img 0019This was such a stronger episode compared to last week and good gracious I couldn’t be more thankful about Kazuki FINALLY getting her act together and being useful for an exchange! The thing about this episode is that while Kazuki early on felt like a third wheel and was being ignored by everyone because Hozuki is in the limelight, her presence during certain exchanges turned out to be quite crucial for them. She was there when Hans were discussing about his deceased daughter and the Micro Doctor he had made in hopes to cure her from her illness, and knew that he was the only one they could turn to when they can’t go into hospitals without being caught due to the international warrant. The second important time was when she was there when Hozuki was discussing about the manual for how to control their ship. However I can’t help but scratch my head when Anna said she had no idea how to use it, when um… two episodes ago she had brought the ship to the Galileo Sisters when they were breaking out of prison, so I call BULLSHIT on that.
Galilei Donna Ep 4 Img 0010Speaking of Anna and bullshit, as suspected she also has her own agenda and is working for someone (for the love of god she is hiding her cellphone in her freaking hair!). She was seen snooping about the ship, looking for god knows what else, or perhaps setting up spyware to eavesdrop on their discussion and know where and when they will be someone to set up an ambush. Anyhow, for the time being while I do believe she is a genuine Galileo Geek, she simply can’t be trusted. If anything, I think it will probably be Kazuki to be the first to find out.
Galilei Donna Ep 4 Img 0018When Hozuki fell from the building, holy shit- I was almost convinced she was dead or at least paralyzed due to that horrendous fall which sound effects were absolutely brutal to hear just imaging the reality of the IMPACT of the fall itself. Unfortunately given the circumstances and the response to it along with the aftermath, I have mixed opinions about it. But this is fiction after all, so I might as well just shrug it off and not think about it too much.
Galilei Donna Ep 4 Img 0031I adore the interaction between Hazuki and Black Ganymede’s Captain (and for crying out loud, do we even know his name yet?!) . Naturally so because I ship it like fed ex since the first episode. As I mentioned two episodes back, the Captain is completely different to psycho Roberto. When Hazuki contacted him telling him to bugger off since they are in desperate need to operate on Hozuki and as soon as the Captain learned she was speaking of the truth (after having heard it was one of his men responsible for leading up to that incident AND beaten them up), he immediately stopped pursuing them.
It is quite a shame to not have Hans join them on their travels as it would certainly benefit them to have a personal doctor on the team that isn’t working for a third-party. It was quite funny how he was using Galileo’s Moon Sketch as a plate-mat. He was also kind enough to voluntarily give it to them to keep.


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