As much as it pains him to do so, it seems like Aladdin’s pretty set on heading to Magnostadt to continue his journey. He’s been accidentally separated from Alibaba and Morgiana in the past, but it’s really hurting him this time, especially as he’s got no idea when he’ll reunite with them. Well, it’s true that only magicians can turn up in Magnostadt and not get discriminated against – it’s not really a place where a non-magician can prosper in any way. If Aladdin is successful there, he’ll be able to improve on his magic ability alongside learning about the dark metal vessels that facilitated Dunya’s tragic death.

Pict265Also, going to Magnostadt sounds like a way to remove himself from Sinbad’s influence. It’s clear that Aladdin doesn’t want to tie himself to Sindria too much – something which Sinbad himself is also all too aware of. It was touched upon last week as well, but he has some sort of hidden agenda (supposedly for the greater good) that has him going around trying to manipulate people. He’s managed to extract a promise from Hakuryuu to help him when he asks for it, and there’s probably more to his spar with Kougyoku than meets the eye. By coaxing her to show him her Extreme Magic, it seemed like Sinbad was trying to gauge Kougyoku’s strength as a potential ally. He should be pretty pleased – Vainel Ganezza is quite scary, as is Kougyoku when in the heat of battle. Sinbad’s use of Zepar was very, very shady. Kougyoku’s been very confused as to what she wants to do… and suddenly, after she wakes up she says she’ll go home and pledge her alliance to Sindria. I can’t help but feel that the hypnosis carried some sort of subconscious message in it, in order to nudge her towards protecting Sindria. An evil move on Sinbad’s part.

Pict268Anyway, I’d like to think that the Alibaba x Kougyoku ship has finally set sail! Her relationship with Aladdin has never been great (she sorta killed Ugo, after all) but there was less animosity between Alibaba and Kougyoku even in Balbadd – he did manage to get her out of an arranged marriage with Ahbmad. And recently there’s been an awful lot of screen time with them chatting together. With the stigma of Kougyoku’s birth being similar to that of Alibaba, it looks like they’ve found something in common. It’s not an established pairing by any means (Alibaba x Morgiana is fairly strong too) but friendship is always the first step 😀 It’s also better than Kougyoku retaining her love for Sinbad… she would have been continually used if she didn’t get over him.

Meanwhile, there are premonitions for Morgiana to go off on her own journey too! As her entire race was sold into slavery, she hardly remembers her own family at all – and I think she’s mentioned before that she’d like to get to know some other Fanalis. Although Masrur never ended up finding any of them in the Dark Continent, I’m pretty sure we’ll see a few of them before too long. The pilot episode was kind enough to spoil that for us at least.


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  1. Noc

    No gonna lie…this episode made me cry, especially at the end. OH ALADDIN TT.TT This was one of those rare moments where I actually enjoyed the anime adaption more than the original manga adaption.

    I’m really happy they didn’t decide to skip over the Kougyoku x Alibaba friendship. His sincere interactions with her contrast Sinbad’s manipulative methods so beautifully, it really warms my heart.

    1. Vantage

      Yeah, I was afraid the anime would subtly gloss over their friendship. Then that segment appeared at the very end! Twas heartwarming indeed xD

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