Pict463A very calm episode this week, but a hilarious one nonetheless! It was exactly how I imagined it would be animated :3 Despite their somewhat strained relationship after Alibaba learned of Aladdin’s journey, it looks like he’s decided to tag along as well. It’s just that he sorta never got round to telling them, which made it pretty awkward as he sat in the other room, waiting for them to start missing him. Then Morgiana reminded us all of how she accidentally walked into him in a… compromising position. I’d actually forgotten all about that 😀 Oh, and things are looking bright for the HakuMor shippers, too!

It’s always been sort of strange that Alibaba’s never managed to invoke a full djinn equip, even until now. Drunk Yamu was only all too happy to rub it in Sharkkan’s face xD Sure, he’s had other things to worry about, but even someone like Kougyoku can do it! And Hakuryuu managed to fashion himself a new arm quite soon after getting Zagan. Most of all, Alibaba’s a protagonist! An increase in power level should be routine for him xD It makes more sense that he’s not physically able to djinn equip, as opposed to not having the skills for it. What Sinbad said about his magoi changing in quality sounded awfully like falling into depravity – and Sinbad’s already halfway there. With everything that went on with Kassim and Al-Thamen last season, I’m not surprised that Alibaba’s magoi has experienced some flux. Maybe this Yambala tribe in Laem can give him a bit of a hand.

I was wondering whether they’d decide to skip the Pirates arc, but I guess not! I’m glad they decided to go ahead with it – I’m still slightly worried that a two-cour series might be a bit of a stretch. You can sorta tell that A-1 Pictures are having similar sentiments; the pacing is pretty slow, and everything is moving along calmly. I actually don’t mind if it continues like this – a slow, faithful adaptation is far preferred to a train going at breakneck speed, derailing at the last minute and killing all its passengers. Sorry, that was quite morbid wasn’t it? Though arguably that’s what happened in the first season. At any rate, Magnostadt is going to have to wait a couple more episodes at the very least.

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  1. il-Palazzo

    I, too, am glad they didn’t skip the pirate arc.

    Now I wish they actually shows the brutal beatdown at the very end of the arc, but that would be asking too much for a relatively PG show.

    1. Vantage

      We can always hope, but it’s pushing it – especially as Magi airs at 5pm on Sundays in Japan. It’s a deviation from their usual habit of setting up anime midnight runs 😀

  2. Noc

    I’ll be chopping someone’s head off if they skip over anything important…!

    This episode was adapted exactly as I thought it would though, timing wise and everything, so they’re on the right track! I really loved all the comedy in this episode, it balanced out the depressing mood from last episode really nicely without feeling forced or abrupt. I especially loved seeing Aladdin’s WTF face when the rukh around Haku turned pink XD and the whole bit with Alibaba listening through the wall was even better than I remembered lol

  3. Rosie

    kiang bait to see it X3 and Hakaryuu has a crush on Morgiana (>////<)

  4. bodyvamp

    I really hope that relaxed pace is the sign of A-1 extending the Magnostath Arc to three Season, and not the result of bad planning that will end in them fast speeding through the rest of the material.

    1. Vantage

      A third season will definitely be too much of a stretch. I think they can do it in two cours! …Probably. Let’s see whether A-1 Pictures can redeem themselves, like JC Staff did with LB Refrain 😀

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