Uh oh, she’s snapped.



Mousou Express was done in Renai Circulation colours today!

If Shinobu’s verbal grilling last week wasn’t enough, this time Tsukihi’s decided to join the fray too. She was really laying it on thick – to the point that she even accused Sengoku’s love for Araragi merely being a projective shell so that she wouldn’t get hurt by other people. While I’m not sure I agree fully with that (to an extent, I think her love for Araragi is genuine) it’s evident that her passivity’s turned up once more. She’s made no comment on how Araragi’s seen outside with different girls each time, and doesn’t want to “cause trouble” for him since he has a girlfriend – the fact that she’s made no moves does pose the question of whether she’s truly in love with him or not. Rather, it’s almost as if she’s accepting the fact she’s involved in a love that will never come true. Tsukihi’s always sort of… bouncy, but she can be perceptive when she wants to be, can’t she? I don’t think cutting off Sengoku’s bangs was a good idea, though.

Heh. Firstly, I’d like to congratulate Hanazawa Kana for the great job she pulled off this episode – I don’t think she’s ever had to voice a character with such intensity since Mahiru from Kamisama Dolls. While I was sorta hoping Sengoku would teach the failure of a teacher how to do his job, I didn’t think she’d be so, er… expressive about it. Sengoku’s the kind of girl who you’d think would never swear, you know? And here we have her telling her teacher to shut the fuck up, and verbally abusing her scared classmates. Go on, give them some proper abuse, Sengoku-chan. I’m starting to see how her personality eventually warps to what it is at the end of the arc – while I initially thought it was Kuchinawa’s personality, it’s more like she spewed out everything she’s ever wanted to say, deep down. Kuchinawa was more of a facilitator than the cause, to be honest. Either way, she’s definitely lost more than just her bangs.

As always, Oshino has a hand in things – and it was actually quite clever of Araragi to hide Kuchinawa’s body in one of his porn books, even though he didn’t know what it was. Requesting a wish from a god is never, ever a good idea, and now Araragi’s definitely aware that something is wrong. Unfortunately, it’s likely that he’s also too late.