“Every jutsu has a weakness. This jutsu’s weakness and risk…is my existence.”



Right, let’s do this! I have lots of other shows to try out today too – Thursdays seem to be really packed this season. Firstly, we got a new OP and ED. Thankfully, there were hardly any spoilers, though there was one in particular that irked me a lot. It’s almost unnoticeable, but it’s these little things that count, you know?

Pict807This week’s episode was split into two main sections, much like last week’s – the first of which is the Five Kage battle versus Madara. Chouza’s little talk with Dan was laced with dramatic irony, especially as we soon realized Tsunade, the sole survivor of the Sannin was impaled on Madara’s giant Susanoo stick. Heh. It’s because Dan isn’t from this generation that he’s able to tell how great a risk Madara truly is – and that you’re way better off trying to look for the guy who started the Edo Tensei as opposed to trying to seal Madara. Even if you can heal without seals through Byakugou, and make cracks in Susanoo, Madara is as overpowered as they come. He knows it, and he has the skills to back it up – he allowed himself to get hit in order to show them Hashirama’s face, after all. What a troll. And to think, that wasn’t even the punchline.

If it took them so long to seal off one Mokuton clone, imagine how they’ll deal with five of them!


And he even asked them whether they’d like Susanoo on those clones, too. It’s all well and good preaching the Will of Fire, but…uh, I don’t think it’s gonna go well for them.

Meanwhile, we have Itachi and Sasuke, who have finally reached their destination. Man, Kabuto is a prick. He’s such an overconfident guy in thinking that the Edo Tensei has no risks – he didn’t expect anyone to counter it at all, much less someone who’s already dead. While Itachi can’t kill Kabuto, I wouldn’t call that a stroke of luck just yet; there are many things worse than death when you go up against someone who was an expert at using Tsukuyomi. I do love how Itachi just casually described his plan out loud, in a style reminiscent of Bleach (in which every move features a lengthy pause after use in which it is explained fully to the enemy). At the very least, he’s agreed to talk to Sasuke afterwards, which is what the poor guy wanted all along. If he doesn’t even know about Madara’s Tsuki no Me, he’s definitely being manipulated by Tobi and Kabuto – thus defeating Kabuto is a good beginning step forward to take. Also, Kabuto’s after his body. Even more mental trauma can’t possibly do Sasuke any good.