Naruto Shippuden Episode 336: Yakushi Kabuto



If that episode has taught me anything, it’s that Kabuto is indeed a messed up individual. Of course, not all of it is his fault – putting tragedy aside, his involvement with Root pretty much engineered the twisting of his personality (or lack thereof). I was surprised to learn that Nonou was originally a former top spy for Root; when you look at how Sai turned out, it’s surprising that they a) allowed her to retain her emotions, and b) let her go in the first place. Or rather, they temporarily let her go – and now that Danzo’s got some use for her again, she’s been forcibly re-recruited.

Pict796I’m aware that everything Danzo does is for the greater good – his intentions have always been for the good of Konoha. After all, he did try to prevent Tobi getting Shisui’s Sharingan through blowing himself up. It’s just that… the extremist nature of what he does is completely void of any morality. Think of the children! He made Kabuto go through a life crisis in Iwa (though then again, he was supposed to have died too). Kabuto’s initial desire was to help Nonou and her orphanage raise money, through volunteering himself as a spy for Root. Yet Nonou was sent to the same location by Root after gradual brainwashing – and they were basically told to kill each other. Despite risking their lives gathering intel for the village (and remember, Iwa was fairly hostile towards Konoha at the time) Danzo had no trouble betraying and disposing of them both. People like Orochimaru, Danzo or Itachi very much stand within the dark side of Konoha – a side that really contrasts with the shounen antics of Naruto and friends.

While I do feel sorry for Kabuto, it doesn’t really make me like him any better. I mean, a lack of self-identity is something to be pitied, not admired. It makes him a good spy, able to fool even a member of the Akatsuki, but the mental instability it brings isn’t worth it. and And his quest for self-discovery post-Orochimaru turned him into that… thing. I’m not even sure what he is now, to be honest. Anyway, like last week, this episode had a lot of interesting, but ultimately unnecessary world-building for Kabuto. I guess I shouldn’t complain though – anything canon has to be better than more filler.

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