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Episode 6 Impression:

In Log Horizon Episode 6, we’re presented with the concept of a ruling class – the rule of the strong. Elder Tale is dominated by those who have the power to do so, and those who don’t have the power to do so are almost enslaved by those who can as a means of exploitation and guild advancement. This all feels very 18-19th century to me… Honestly, I didn’t know how to feel when this concept was first introduced. What strikes me as interesting is that, as an MMORPG player myself, these domineering methods are probably exactly the kind of tactics that me and my friends in our guilds would, and do, employ so as to further ourselves in the game. Now obviously this is their ‘world’, law and order apply when dealing with real people and that’s why the poor treatment of the NPC’s has been such an interesting topic in the last few episodes. But where do you draw the line? Are the tougher guilds well within their rights in this new world, or does Shiroe need to lay down the law? The latter is the ‘obvious’ answer, but the question does evoke some interesting view points and I’m interested to see how this all plays out, Mamare Touno being known for his intelligent handling of story lines and plot points.

Angst. Episode 6 felt very angst-y and, at first, I was really rather unsure about it. At first I feared that the series might eventually be slipping into the realm of the maudlin, but then I realized that that wasn’t Log Horizon’s style – it’s thought provoking and evokes emotion (at times), but never does it truly delve into the depths of the truly disheartening. Most of the episode consisted of exposition and drama and, whilst I’m generally okay with that, hearing Shiroe talk for an entire episode about things that we either, A, already known about or, B, don’t need to hear about for an entire episode, slowly wears thin on the ol’ nerves. It’s great and all that we got the pay off at the end, Log Horizon being formed (I see what you did there Shiroe, I see what you did…), but did we really need an entire episode to reach that point? Maybe. The build up was nice, but I can’t help but feel as though it was a bit much… and we didn’t even get to see Akatsuki in that dress!

Shiroe… what are you planning? And why the f**k do you need 5 million gold? I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that Shiroe is going to use the secret to tasty food as leverage when trying to attain his goals, but just how he’ll do that, I have no clue. Now that Log Horizon has been formed, I can’t help but want Shiroe to lead a crusade against all the evil in the world, rescuing those cute ass twins and free Akihabara from the grimy clutches of crime and evil. It’s going to be interesting, that much I know, I just wanna see how dark this show will go though before it finishes in… many  episodes time.


Episode 7 Impression:

 Shiroe and Marie, bespectacled devils in disguise! Episode 7 jumps in right were episode 6 left off, with the creation of Log Horizon and the initiation of Shiroe’s plan. Shiroe, as predicated, used their (Nyanta’s) knowledge about food and food preparation to extortionately trick the money out of players. Devilish Act Numero Uno. I’m just saying ‘n all, but I can imagine Shiroe eventually vying for world domination… just saying. That said, he’s got to achieve his first goal before he can do that, and I can see many an issue arising with the initiation of this first ‘part’, many guild’s and powerful guild leaders probably wanting in on the tasty food business. Should Shiroe be worried? Technically, yes. Butas is the way with stories, Shiroe will probably be fine and world domination is within reach.

 I mentioned Mamare Touno in my last review and this review shall be no different… ah, Mamare Touno, you do enjoy turning your shows into money based empire builders, don’t you? Like ‘Maoyuu Maou Yuusha’ before it, Log Horizon has gone down the route of economically oriented tactical battles, Shiroe using his all important mind to seemingly dominate the game. I’m interested to see what Shiroe will pull out of the bag next, but I’m also eager to see a battle of epic proportions… I just hope Touno can balance the two – unlike the pinnacle of mediocrity that was ‘Maoyuu’. I’m almost certain that Shiroe is aware that someone is going to try and steal their secrets and I’m almost certain that Shiroe is on top of it, but I honestly can’t wait to see the repercussions of Shiroe’s intrusion into the everyday life of those living in Akihabara. He’s definitely ruffled some feathers.

 And Soujiro… do we trust this kid? Of course we do, he seems like the reliable sort. I’m still unsure as to how much of a role the members of Debauchery Tea Party are going to have in this show and, whilst I’m interested to hear what happened to the group before the Apocalypse, I can’t help but want more from them. They’re like Log Horizon’s version of ‘Kuroko no Basuke’s’ Generation of Miracles right? Where’s the epicness? The tension? The animosity? Nyanta’s fight really wasn’t that great, let’s be honest. If Soujiro can bring something interesting to the table then by all means let him, but if he’s only here because he was there than, ‘cool’ though that might be, I’d rather he wasn’t.

 Overall, episode 7 is probably, in my opinion, the best episode so far. It encompassed all of the things I loved and was looking for in ‘Maoyuu’ whilst still retaining it’s natural Log Horizon feel. Can Mamare Touno pull this one off? Only time will tell. But I’m eager to see just how multiplex this show will become and… and… I just really want an epic battle, you know? Can’t I have an epic battle? What? I’m being childish? Yeah… you’re right.

3 thoughts on “Log Horizon – Episodes 6 & 7

  1. Remember that Shiroe is the “Villain in Glasses”. He is an overlord supervillain level: he is like Darkseid (DC) or Dr. Doom (Marvel). Shiroe is a good guy, but his plans are EVIL.

    The moral is: when the strong rule the weak, you need an evil overlord for make the things right…

  2. ” I just really want an epic battle, you know? Can’t I have an epic battle? What? I’m being childish? Yeah… you’re right.”

    Epic battle? Do you see the opening where there’s thousands of goblins, soldiers & fish-men? Spoilers! They will happen.

    …but considering how slow everything is going – which I’m not saying its unwarranted. That probably only going to happen around episodes 14~24, (Wiki say that a total of 25 episodes are planned) depending if they’re going to do this until all the novels’ available 6 volumes or not.

    Correctly the anime is covering volume 1~2-ish of contents – 1 being saving Serara & 2 being Shiroe’s grand plan. It probably take them another 3 episodes to finish up volume 2 – including episode 8 that I already watched.

    Volume 3&4 are the first & second half of a 2 on-going stories that each consist old & new characters that would require more voice artists then Girls und Panzer. That might take around 10~15 episodes finishing the anime or maybe they’ll try to put in another volume – which I highly doubt.

    Then there’s volume 5 that cut back at the important characters & have a more compact story that serve as a prologue towards volume 6 – that believe or not, will need even more active voice actors then volume 3&4. I’m pretty sure they’re going to leave 5 & 6 (& possibly 7 that might end the series) for season 2 if there’s was ever one.

    1. “Epic battle? Do you see the opening where there’s thousands of goblins, soldiers & fish-men? Spoilers! They will happen.”

      Sincerelly, after I read volume 4 of novel, I think what Shiroe did after the end of battle more epic than all the battles we saw at volume 3 and 4.

      The “Chronicler of East” thing was Archmage-like epic.

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