Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: Mihara Shiki

Tokimeki Memorial- easily the longest, most replayable, time consuming otome game “available” to North American players- WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME YOU ARTISTIC FOP


This game is a great great awesome game and you should all go get the patch at this site because it’s a plus seriously.

Quick summary: Tokimeki Memorial takes place over three school years. You pick your focus, go on dates, buy clothes, get an education, pursue interests and in general have a fun otome game adventures. It can be quite time consuming because of this, and if you’re not careful you can sink several hours into a playthrough that won’t get you the results you want. It’s a good game, go play it, and if you manage to find a magical original Japanese copy by all means share it with the rest of us because my god.


Initially in this playthrough I was trying to be a badass and see if I could woo everyone, or have a master file of sorts to woo everyone. Well let’s just cut to the bullshit here- each guy has his very specific standards and you can overlap some but chances are you’re soooooo not getting anywhere with half the guys in the game if you don’t start out going for them. Not to mention good fucking luck getting everyone’s CGs without trying to. Not to say you can’t one shot all the guys with weird stats pretty simply, but you’ll just give yourself a headache if you try to b a perfectionist.

Mihara is one of the “easier” options (if by easier I mean stats, because he’s one of the four guys who can ruin a friendship and that in itself is a loaded die) but he is a total freakin’ tsundere. He makes you work for it. But man. . . he is so cute. You can tell as soon as he starts to fall for you that he doesn’t know how to deal with this. HE IS PROBABLY LIKE SMELLING HIS HAND FOR DAYS AFTER YOU TOUCH IT. “ohmygod she touched me” So it makes it worth it. He is the ‘art’ guy option and he really wants to show the world how fabulous he is. Again I effed up his route a little because I was trying to be a bamf.  YOU CAN HAVE A SLIGHTLY HAPPIER ENDING THAN THE WAY I PAINTED IT. Plus I tried to do the best friend thing and YOU GOTTA WORK ON THAT MAN I DID NOT APPROACH THAT ADEQUATELY. I done goofed man I done goofed.

Mihara’s whole shitck is his extreme gift with art. I shit you not, he is not full of himself for no reason. He’s pretty spot on with how good he is. And as I said before. . . as soon as he gets over himself and realizes he is vulnerable, he is the cutest thing that ever existed. HE JUST WANTS YOU TO LOVE HIM.

in which mihara busts out his artistic tools to fix a painting he PAINTED ALREADY AND THAT WAS HUNG UP IN A MUSEUM

Nobody humbles quite like Mihara (except maybe your brooding teacher but DON’T GET ME STARTED ON MY BABU) and watching him go from “Man this weekend will be awesome…for you, because you’re hanging out with me~” to “I CANT WAIT TO BE WITH YOU LOVE ME OH GOD WHY WHY AREN’T YOU WITH ME NOW MY BELOVED JHGJFLDGHFDLJGHKFJDH” On a funny note for all you non players, Mihara has a potential love rival in the game- the rich girl who is just his type. But as with all love interests and rivals, she can steal him away from you before the end of the game if you do shit wrong.


So just think about it for Mihara. He views all relationships as ‘oh obviously, I’m so great’ and this girl is worth his time because she is rich and artsy. But with you, he is literally SHITTING HIS PANTS IN FEAR FOR MAYBE WHAT, 2 AND A HALF WHOLE YEARS? Going, oh fuck guys. This girl. I can’t even. LOOK AT HER SHE IS SO PERFECT “I don’t know she has like a bowl haircut and her body is average at best” DON’T YOU INSULT HER BADLY TRIMMED HAIR AND FLAT CHEST!



I think that’s what makes Mihara’s route the best. You feel like all the other girls have the drive to really win them, but Mihara is so blatantly into you that he can’t hide it once he’s in. At first, you’re just a girl. Then you’re THE girl and he just can’t even imagine not being with you or being rejected by you to the extent he has to wait until he can potentially avoid seeing you because it will HURT TOO BADLY OTHERWISE.


He even gives up his art muses saying that your eyes alone escape him in the light of his muses, he can’t even correctly paint the beauty of your eyes. GUYS. THIS GUY. LOOK AT HIM. HE IS A HAUGHTY RICH ARTSY BITCH AND THEN HE GOES ‘Naw I’m pretty sure were soul mates’

The worst part is because I had to reload a year two file I didn’t correctly do the best friend alternate crap, so it ended it this scary depressing scene of me rejecting him for nothing only to go “we just weren’t meant to be’ and I almost sobbed right there. HOW IS THIS MAN SO FLAWLESS? HE IS PERFECT. GO GET THIS GAME AND ROMANCE THIS GUY AND PROBABLY SOMEONE WITH HIM BECAUSE HE IS JUST TOO MUCH HE IS PERFECT precious. Angel.



I’m sorry this post is now going to end in feels and shut up I’m imagining them doing it now TO EASE THE PAIN TO EASE IT FROM THE FEELS

miharaend1 miharaend2



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