Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 11: Let the Revolution Begin

I actually had a difficult time putting my thoughts together because holy shit, I was SO FREAKING PUMPED UP from start to finish! (I GOT THE CHILLS!!!!) After last week boring but necessary episode, it was such a pleasure to see major action, and A-Drei and L-Elf teaming up again. Of course it was icing on the cake to have X-Eins also take part of this inside rebellion since he wants to avenge H-Euns death (by killing Cain- err good luck with that bro) and better yet, shared the evidence with A-Drei which had given him that last but much needed push to start taking action immediately. Oh man I can’t tell you just how thrilled I was. I was literally jumping out of my seat and internally shrieking inside because I was so worried about where X-Eins was standing last week, but WHEW! What a relief! It was just so great to see the three of them work together again, especially L-Elf and A-Drei- I mean we’ve been waiting for this moment for far too long and it was absolutely wonderful! It was basically everything I wanted and more! Now I just want all three of them (if possible) to get out alive! A-Drei and L-Elf are the musts though. I don’t know what’d I do if they were both to get killed off. THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS! /SOBS
Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 11 Img 0027But amidst the glorious reunions and the beginning of the revolution finally taking place, there were heart-wrenching results from their desperation to not lose their chance to reveal the truth to the world. Thunder, otherwise known as Yamada was killed in battle against Q-Vier (that little shit) in order to protect Akira and allow her to hack into the systems so that they can broadcast the revelation. It’s so sad because now that makes three (if you count Marie) beloved Valvrave pilots dead, leaving only three units left to undergo their mission of creating a place for both Humans and Magius could co-exist. And with that in mind, it doesn’t look like Haruto is going to last at this rate. His memories are being consumed at a horrifically rapid pace due to his runes leaking (for some reason- it may have to do with what had happened last week with that sudden burst however thinking back to Marie’s situation, it might all have to do with “desperation” because the user isn’t calm or something…), and is desperately trying to keep focus on his mission while dealing with the despair of losing his most precious memories with Shouko- forever. It would be very tragic to have Haruto either die (like a lot of us are expecting at this point) or completely forget about Shouko altogether. There’s no telling how well he’s going to hold up at this rate when he is going to be fighting against his toughest opponent yet: Cain, next week.
There was actually an important (but short) moment between the Magius, Prue and Cain that is quite easy to forget with all the epic action and excitement, (I would have forgotten all about it if I hadn’t been taking notes). Cain revealed that they want to retrieve Pino. They tried doing this earlier in the beginning of this season but failed to do so because Cain was forced to retreat when Prue suddenly weakened. With next week being the last episode, I do wonder whether they will succeed or not. I think it would be especially interesting now because Pino actually interacted with people this season. SHe wasn’t just some ‘mascot’, she turned out to be a living thing and has now developed a relationship like she had with Marie with Haruto and others. So it would be interesting to see her actually resist returning to her brother as oppose to wanting to reunite with him like she had back in the first episode.
Next week is the finale, so buckle up- it’s going to be intense and extremely nerve-wracking to watch!
One last note: At first I thought there was a plot-hole with A-Drei and L-Elf knowing that Amadeus was not human, but then I remembered that Amadeus was at the scene when H-Euns barged into the meeting room. So H-Eun’s recording most likely was their evidence for that.


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  1. WandererYS says:

    Well, I guess we finally understand what they meant from S1 EP1 about the system that unveils the world. Btw, noticed how in S1 EP1 at the intro they blurted out the biggest spoiler there is now that I watched it again. “Year 71 of the true calender. That year that went down in history as the beginning of the Third Galactic Empire”. XDDDDD. It is basically saying that yes, they’ll hold a revolution and they will win (although how many survived to the end is indeed something to think about)
    “Now I just want all three of them (if possible) to get out alive! A-Drei and L-Elf are the musts though.”
    Well, I’m guessing at least A-Drei will, or else there won’t be the little prince at two of the openings. I think it was clearly mentioned that A-Drei has royal bloodlines, very clearly just last episode in one of L-Elf’s flashbacks.

    • Eva says:

      I actually love it when they do that because for some stories such as Valvrave in this case- it makes it all more interesting to see how they get there, and what sacrifices and challenges they had to face as well as how long it takes for them to succeed.
      Yeah they mentioned that A-Drei has royal bloodlines and it’s going to be freaking badass when it takes the reigns of that role again! It will be interesting to see how the Royalist Rebels will treat him since he has been working against them for the longest time (or at least as far as we’re concerned until told otherwise).

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