Log Horizon – Episode 10: Grab It in Your Hand


And with that, the anime adaption of Log Horizon Volume 2 comes to an end. It was an interesting plot arc, Shiroe’s true skills as a strategist (and as a genius) being flaunted for all that they’re worth, Log Horizon being formed, the [majority of the] guilds of Akihabara coming together to fix the areas issues, and flavorsome foods finally being brought into the world… yes, it’s a good time to be trapped in Elder Tale.

The Round Table Conference has finally come to a close, Shiroe laying out the law like every good dictator leader should and bringing peace to the region. It was awesome to see everyone, even Isaac of the Black Sword Knights, coming together to solve the issues that are plaguing there city. It’s interesting to think that only now are the adventurers beginning to see and view Elder Tale as reality, none of them ever thinking to try and do anything manually. The invention of the Steam Engine is something so very Mamare Touno that I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of a new invention. Perhaps they’ll invent muskets next? I’d like to see that… Regardless, the Round Table Conference was epic, highlighting the many issues that plague the game and attempting to find new ways to fix them. Now obviously there are still issues, the economy and pricing for one, but I’m sure that, with time, Shiroe will figure out a way to fix them.

An interesting point made during the conference pointed out that People of the Land are in fact people… shocker, I know. That, however, was not the interesting point. Crusty of D.D.D. pointed out that war may in fact be on the horizon.  I honestly didn’t think that the People of the Land would have their own Kingdom, pardon my ignorance, and I’m actually really eager to see where this plot point will go… that said, the title of Log Horizon Volume 3 is “The End of the Game ‘Part I’“, something that makes me feel, firstly, very uneasy, and, secondly, unbelievably excited. Maybe they’ll finally delve into a topic such as ‘what makes us human’? Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see how Shiroe deals with people who arennecessarily bad for once… maybe he’ll finally feel the pressure?

Episode 10 also gave us curry. It’s nice to see the members of Log Horizon relaxing for once, especially since their guild is beginning to grow. It’ll give us time to see the group get to know each other, and the fresh dynamic created by two new members will prove most welcome. I am skeptical however, as to how much screen time Tohya and Minori are going to get from now on, the personalities almost screaming ‘I’m a side character!‘. That said, I’m sure they’ll be just fine, and besides, I doubt they’ll just fade into the background; that’s not Mamare Touno’s style… you know?

Ah, ’tis indeed a short post, and I suppose that can’t be helped, especially since there wasn’t much ‘plot‘ (per say) in episode 10. It was a nice episode. It tied up everything that needed tying up with a nice, pink bow and began laying the foundations for a new and exciting plot arc, one that, I’m sure, will make the series one of the most memorable this season… however, it’s just not working for me. I’ve tried and I’ve tried, but Log Horizon just isn’t my cup of tea (so to speak). I forcing myself to blog about it just leads to poor quality posts and I’m just not alright with that… and so, with the arc neatly finished, I’m afraid that Log Horizon is going to be…


Who knows? Maybe someone else will pick up where I’ve left off… but don’t get your hopes up, you know? My apologies.


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3 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    I got the CHILLS when the People of the Land was going around, already infiltrating town. I’m really excited to see what’s yet to come!

  2. João Carlos says:

    “The End of Game” is not about the end of the story, it is about the players finally understand they are not trapped inside a game…

    • Chris says:

      I didn’t think it was about the end of the story? I’ve heard that Mamare Touno intends to take the series to fifteen novels, in fact… that equals… about four or five anime seasons… wow…

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