Pict749Tyrant Rex has an imouto?! Were it not for the difference in hair colour (and the fact that Henri usually wears a more timid expression), I would have had trouble telling them apart. It doesn’t help that they’re wearing identical clothes either, complete with the same hat. I find it rather disconcerting that, according to Frey, she’s tried to commit suicide six times in the past – that might be a bit of an understatement, to be honest. To me it looks like she attempts suicide on a daily basis, but is just saved by everyone else’s timely intervention (which actually requires a great deal of luck over time). I can probably hazard a guess as to why Henri keeps trying to kill herself – I have a feeling she was the owner of the dog automaton who nearly killed that prince. As such, she blames herself for everything, and has fallen into a spiral of depression and self-pity. It doesn’t exactly help that she’s had a sheltered upbringing either (Raishin is apparently a savage beast driven by lust) which makes her even more vulnerable to outside influence.

Pict735While one of our two Charl lookalikes had no malicious intent, foul play is still very much apparent here. I didn’t think Felix would ever become relevant again after the Cannibal Candy arc, nor that there would be any significant backlash from the Kingsfort family – but it looks like they’re butthurt enough to want to exact revenge through manipulation (and possibly blackmail). Poor Charlotte has definitely been forced to do something she doesn’t want to, but what cost would she be faced with if she refuses? Complying with their request to kill the headmaster would ruin her family anyway, so that can’t be it… unless she’s been threatened over Henri’s livelihood specifically. For the Kingsfort family, all this would kill two birds with one stone for them – not only can they get back at the headmaster for incriminating Felix, they can reinstate their status as nobles and rebuild their tattered reputation. Making Charl look bad would bring into doubt her previous claims against Felix – which would definitely tip things in his favour given that some of the students are already backing him.

It’d probably be safe to assume that the crux of this lies with the Kingsfort family, with the aristocratic-looking guy we saw today pulling the strings – it seems like he can somehow alter somebody else’s appearance down to the smallest detail, to the point that a dove can mimic Sigmund perfectly (and can even transform into him, weirdly enough). It raises questions over whether the perpetrator of the damaged clock tower was indeed Charl – for all we know, the person who met Raishin at night and the person who blew up the tower could have been completely different people. If “she” really intended to kill the headmaster it’d have been more efficient to do it in a covert manner; drawing attention to herself like this seems more like a blatant attempt to pass Charl off as a scapegoat.

… I’ve just noticed I haven’t mentioned Yaya at all this week. Never mind!

Yaya is displeased.

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  1. il-Palazzo

    Isn’t it the other way around? I thought he transform Charl into “Rovena” and Sigmund into a regular dove so that no-one can find them before they execute the plan.

    1. Vantage

      Thanks for pointing that out! It does make a lot of sense after rewatching it… I probably got confused after that guy referred to Charl in the third person, as opposed to calling her “you”.

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