Pic798Romantic Milestones

Making a contract ☑

Holding hands ☑

Touching noses ☑

…Wait, what?

Pic781Shichimiya Satone is a… strange girl, but that’s probably to be expected of the person responsible for Yuuta’s chuunibyou outbreak. Even though she’s in high school, Satone’s still fully embracing her chuuni side as Sophia Ring SP Saturn VII – add in the fact that she’s living above Yuuta and suddenly Rikka’s concerns are very understandable. Even without knowing exactly who Satone was, Rikka immediately saw her as a threat to the current status quo, and thus tried to get closer to Yuuta by attempting to awaken the Dark Flame Dragon inside him (I’m not sure how putting on a magical girl costume and wig helps with that, but man was it hilarious! Nibutani’s empty eyes were great). Satone and Yuuta’s past acquaintance (and their quick reconnection) only added fuel to the fire, and it was pretty obvious that Rikka felt uncomfortable with it. Perhaps it might not be full-blown jealousy yet, but I think it’s getting there. One thing’s for sure though – we’re going to be getting many, many more chuuni battles between the two of them.

Pic792While Kumin-senpai is playing the optimist, I concur with Mori Summer – maybe I’m just as “bloodthirsty”, but I think a love triangle’s forming. I do admit that the episode ended with Rikka and Satone on better terms than I thought they’d be – that handshake indicated some sort of reconciliation after all. In the end, though, it’s all down to Satone’s motives, which I’m finding quite hard to read at the moment. Is she after Yuuta romantically? She was so supportive and happy about his relationship with Rikka… then BAM, that nose touching happened (so that’s what the promo picture is all about!) and all of a sudden she’s on the offensive. She sure trolled us all – I genuinely believed she’d kiss him for a moment. Yuuta seems firmly on Rikka’s side though – he’s rebuking Satone while placating Rikka, and I’d say his erotic dreams are proof enough of his allegiance. If anything, it’s Satone’s daring nature which has me worried – it means she’s more likely to take the initiative, and it’s here that she’s got the advantage. Rikka’s pretty timid when it comes to romance, and hides everything behind her chuuni side while preferring to let things progress slowly – a luxury I don’t think she can afford to take any longer.