Hoozuki no Reitetsu episode 2

It’s another day at work for the people of Hell. However it seems like everyone has underwear on the brain. I have to say for a start of an episode that was primarily based around underpants. There is next to no fan service at all. The most fan service we get is a random demon dressed up like Lum.

Lum seems like she’s popping up a lot this season. In this show, in Space Dandy….maybe it’s a hint of some big project….or maybe I’m just reading too much into things. Conspiracy theories are fun! The first part of this episode is pretty pointless, the most entertaining things to note are the Lum reference and Luigi the train conductor.


However, the rest of the episode is one of the funniest things i’ve ever seen.

Because! It’s time for Satan, the lord of European Hell to visit Japanese hell. He intends to take over one day so he’s here to spy on how things are run. As per traditional fashion when coming over someone’s house. Satan gives a gift to Lord Enma, it’s too bad Enma is too busy to give Satan the tour himself. So he leaves it to Hoozuki….


I don’t foresee this doing anywhere good. I don’t see it going anywhere good at all. They’re walking along and Satan thinks of how small Hoozuki looks and how easily he’d be able to over-take him. Until he comes to the realization that the main characters of Japanese games are slender, polite speaking, level headed guys! He might want to tread lightly and not take Hoozuki too lightly….it’s okay Satan, I wouldn’t want to fight him either. We all remember the spiked bat vs. sword fight from the last episode.

It’s time for the tour to take us to the different hells. First off is the famous boiling pot. They open up the door to find that somehow Lord Enma has fallen in. Hoozuki just stands there, calmly explaining things as Enma drowns….passing it off as “You’re already dead.”
Even Satan finds this cruel! thinking he’d cry if his demons treated him like Hoozuki treats Enma. Seems like Satan isn’t the big bad he tries to make himself out to be.

Off to the Animal Cruelty hell, where we see Shiro from the last episode come over to great Hoozuki. He proceeds to ignore Satan until told to notice him and even then he calls him “Santa.” which is actually a perfect set up to a joke later in the episode.

Hoozuki says that a meal has been prepared for Satan in the main hall. We have a discussion of the Goldfish plans from last episode and the competition for them. What are they serving for dinner you ask!? This years winning Goldfish!!


Hoozuki entertains by cutting and slicing and making the sushi right in front of them. Satan takes a taste and the culture shock sets in. The food is so good he’s almost lost in heaven. He goes to excuse himself to the ‘Bathroom’ and by that I mean he goes to step away and clear his head/ gather spy information. However, he finds a door marked “Do not Enter” which is Hoozuki’s bedroom.

Despite the sign he heads in. looking around the room he finds out some things about Hoozuki including his interest in Chinese medicine. He also finds a scroll for some kind of Demon cure all. He reads something about dissecting and boiling  Satan! He gets freaked out as he sees Hoozuki in his bedroom door. Satan runs out screaming “OH MY GOD!” leaving Hoozuki rather confused.

Then we play back on the mistake of calling Satan “Santa”, when Hoozuki reads the scroll and observes that he wrote Satan wrong….

Oh dear….well at least that cancels all of Satan’s hostile take over plan..

Overall: The minute I saw Satan I knew that this episode was going to be amazing. I almost died laughing at certain points. Oh, also….Enma didn’t get to go to Australia…but that’s okay. I suppose…well anyway! Can’t wait to catch up what happens next time.


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  1. WandererYS

    Well, laughable points I noticed from part 1:
    1. Stripping Hag Photo Collection (aka Japanese Gravure, good kids don’t look this up on Google images) (I DO NOT want to see this, ahhhh my eyes hurt from thinking about it)
    2. The gift from Australia to ward off evil spirits (well, technically Hoozuki is a big evil oni, kind of an oxymoron that an evil spirit bought a ward of evil spirit).
    3. Dat flying club!!! (XD)
    4. The great serpent trying to eat that gigantic crab, XD (then Hoozuki is, well, drinking crab soup)

    Ps. I thought that was Mario, not Luigi (since he was wearing red)

    I’m curious though, who thinks this should get a slice of life (in hell) tag?

    Spelling Error Correction: (please remove this section of text after things are corrected)
    1. “Goldfish plans” -> Goldfish plants
    2. “dissecting and boiling Satan!” -> dessicate and broiled Satan! (This one is probably a misread of the subs, dessicate means dried, and it showed a dried Santa at the end, clearly showing what Hoozuki’s ingrediant was a dried Santa)

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