You know sometimes they say “The more people are alike, the less they get along.” that could be said to be the morale of today’s episode. Today we explore the relationship between Hozuki of hell and Hakutaku of Shangri-La.

Everyone remember Shiro? the dog from episode 1, he needs a wedding gift for his superior in animal abuse hell. Enma thinks a peach of immortality from Shangri-la would make a good gift. However, Hozuki is still asleep after two full all nighters. Time to go wake him up, the animals go but Enma refuses. Saying he must live for his Grandchildren.

So they brave their way past the “Do not enter” sign into Hozuki’s room to wake him up.

Good thing for them that Hozuki likes animals, he refrains from hurting them and prepares for his day. Proceeding to take them up to Shangri-La.


Trouble brews however when we meet Hozuki’s womanizing body double, the Chinese spirit Hakutaku! The amount these two hate each other is absolutely ridiculous. You’d think with a common interest in Chinese medicine, looking close enough to be brothers and having a similar personality they’d have a lot to talk about…..

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not so much.

Part of those two all nighters was spent digging a pit trap from Shangri-La straight into Hell for Hakutaku. Hozuku can be so mean sometimes! It’s brilliant I tell you, this man is a mad genius!

How could two men come to hate each other this much you might ask? Well, Lord Enma is here to tell us the story. It about about a 1’000 years ago at the Chinese/Japanese Goodwill games. {Basically, the spirit olympics.} In which both Hozuki and Hakutaku were judges. It was around halftime when it happened….

The bet that started it all. It was over breast sizes of all things! The next women to come out from behind the screen, would they have bigger or smaller boobs then the set size. Hakutaku said bigger, Hozuki said smaller!

The first person to come out….well…is it uh…a boy? Girl? nobody could tell. That’s where the fight started! Neither one of them wanting to admit defeat. Momotaro suggests they check the roster of participants so we can put this issue to rest. They track the person down.


It’s a transgendered person! The body was male, Hozuki immediately calls up Hakutaku but he still refuses to admit defeat….this plan….was an absolute fail.

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Overall: This episode was kind of interesting but nothing really spectacular like the part with Satan visiting Japanese Hell in the last episode. Not saying that this episode is bad. Just that the last one was a lot more interesting. I’m still looking forward to next weeks episode.

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  1. Noc

    Ahaha, this episode was great XP I love seeing cool-headed characters getting really ticked off about one particular thing- in this case it’s Hozuki getting ticked off by the celestial beast Hakutaku. They’ve been mixing up chapters and blending a few things together compared to the manga, but I’ve found it to be an improvement since it’s making the storyline more fluid.

    Hozuki quoting Laputa memes was the best thing ever. BALSE!!! The people are like garbage!! It’s great seeing come call-backs to older shows, and as in the first episode, it’s also nice to know a bit more about our enigmatic protagonist’s interests. We can now add collector’s items, Chinese medicine and Studio Ghibli to the list ^^

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