Kill la Kill Ep 14-27

Kill la Kill Ep 14-21Ryuko wakes to find herself only in her underwear with Mikisugi. She believes she has lost Senketsu, but discovers his “eye” remains, and can still talk to her. Determined to get Senketsu back, she heads to the Battlefield Trip to retrieve the parts of Senketsu issued to Honnouji Students. While she does this, Mikisugi returns to Nudist Beach.

In the battles, Gamagoori and Jakuzure manage to defeat their opponents (the latter with Inumuta’s aid). However, Sanageyama has more trouble with his opponent, who manages to turn the entire city of Osaka into an army. Ryuko also arrives, and has recovered all but one piece of Senketsu; her glove, being worn none other than Satsuki Kiryuin.

This episode was pretty frantic. Honnouji Academy’s victory over Kyoto and Kobe was quick and decisive, and full of ridiculous fighting. Meat shielded tanks, exchange students, flutes transforming into warheads and weaponised money all formed part of the warfare. At this point, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Kill la Kill.

Kill la Kill Ep 14-15I particularly loved two things about this episode. Firstly, the humour. It was great to see a Mako interlude again, and this one was particularly good. Her actions had me in stitches, along with her exploits as a tourist. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that girl. Inumuta and Jakuzure throwing shade at each other was also great. Their snarkiness is fantastic.

I also absolutely loved Ryuko’s fashion biker aesthetic she had going on this episode. It’s a style I’d love to see her don more often! Maybe she can remodel Senketsu into a fab top and flares. Her determination and resolve were also quite admirable, but they seemed to be used as plot device, rather than to strengthen her character.

Kill la Kill Ep 14-33I felt as though Ryuko being just as strong was a little cheap; a device to get her to take on Satsuki on even footing. However, given the unpredictability of Kill la Kill, this may be intentional. Satsuki combining her Junkestu with a piece of Senketsu could increase her strength exponentially. I also think, that given Satsuki’s nature, she didn’t choose the glove without a reason.

The preview for the next episode hasn’t given much away, aside from showing that there is to be a fight between Satsuki and Takarada, and that his clothing also transforms somehow. I anticipate the episode will end with Honnouji Academy having successfully conquered the Big Three, and Ragyo starting to implement COVERS. The fates of Satsuki and Ryuko are still up in the air, though, and are obviously closely intertwined. Ryuko’s victory could be catastrophic for Satsuki; her mother may disown her, or her plans may crumble. Similarly, a final defeat at Satsuki’s hands could be disastrous for Ryuko’s mental state.

Regardless, the plot is definitely heading towards the end game. Mikisugi has returned to Nudist Beach to aid them in their fight against the Kiryuin conglomerate, and Satsuki is poised to conquer all of Japan’s schools. COVERS’ unveiling will also reveal Ragyo’s true intentions and feelings about her daughter, and set the stage for the final battle. Who will Ryuko side with? Nudist Beach? Satsuki? Or will she be caught in the middle?