They’re choosing to adapt things at a fairly slow pace, aren’t they – it’s slightly annoying, but I guess I shouldn’t be looking a gift horse in the mouth (i.e. at least it’s not filler). Though I do wish they wouldn’t pepper everything with flashback segments of Kakashi Gaiden all the time in an attempt to stall for time… that was what happened during Tobi’s identity revelation as well. We’re perfectly clear on those events, thanks!

Pic323It turns out the Five Kage are indeed not okay at all – in fact, they all look like they’re right on death’s door. That especially holds true for Tsunade, whose injuries seemed bearable until they zoomed out to reveal a massive tree trunk separating her torso and legs. How the hell is she even able to summon Katsuyu in that state – heck, how is she able to summon at all? And even then she’s still worrying about the other Kage, even when she’s clearly in the most perilous state of them all. Trust Madara to be able to wipe the floor with them and casually run over to the other battlefield while brandishing his giant war fan (which is probably made out of diamonds seeing as it can withstand a mini-Bijuudama and take out Naruto’s clone in response). Ahh, never change.

Pic333By far the most interesting segment of the episode was Obito’s meeting with Madara – his first meeting, that is. Obito’s Sharingan seems to be the cause of his unlikely survival, somehow activating to a pseudo-Mangekyou state to allow him to “phase through” the boulders instead of getting crushed by them completely. While he’s alive (and his Sharingan is somehow unharmed) it certainly didn’t work fully, as half his body is indeed damaged to the point that Madara’s had to patch him up with large globs of Hashirama’s DNA (and stick it together with what looks like duct tape). I’m assuming this fusion gives him the powers of both the Senju and the Uchiha, much like the resurrected Madara himself currently has – which provides Obito with all sorts of extra abilities. I’m assuming that’s what also gave Tobi the extent of control he did over the Rinnegan, which he was able to use to a fair degree.

Pic332The Madara taking care of Obito was old, but alive – and I must say, it’s very much like Madara to do something ridiculous like out-live the rest of his generation by a couple of generations. As a contemporary of Hashirama, he should have (rightfully) been long dead by now, and even he admits that he’d keel over without the chakra support given to him by the Mazou. How did he come across that, by the way? Just like how Obito thinks it’s strange for an old guy with a Sharingan to live in a cave, did the Mazou just happen to be there? Anyway, the Tsuki no Me plan was clearly the real Madara’s plan to begin with – even in that first meeting Madara was already preaching his causal relationships and his desire for a perfect (but fake) world to Obito. The latter’s still unconvinced though – at this point he’s still acting like his former self did, and has every intention to return to Konoha.

Of course, we know that he eventually agrees with Madara’s ideology, and decides to help. As for why he does so… well, it’s not hard to guess. Maybe it’s something to do with the reasoning he gave Kakashi last episode… you know, because of Rin dying and stuff.

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