It was almost a shame how quickly the episode went by. When it ended, I was like, “Wait that’s it? That’s the episode? OH COME ON!” But in some ways I felt this episode was definitely better than the first. It was more humorous, gave us a bit more insight of what kind of people the characters are and definitely raises some questions about where their loyalty lies. We were also shown what the Star of the East’s Round Table thought about Da Vinci’s departure. Not a single one of them mentioned Jeanne where as on the other hand, Da Vinci’s actions resulted him being identified as a traitor that must be captured. But it’s not just that, Da Vinci is an incredibly important man that the Star of the East wants to have and keep on their side. He is the one who produces the majestic War Armours that is the key to winning the battles. All but at the same time, Da Vinci is a wild card as he is unpredictable and is following his own agenda of wanting to discover the truth to the universe which Oda is expected to lead him to.
“The Fool” (as Oda and Jeanne had named it), War Armor Oda had piloted today had apparently never worked until now. The folks at the round table claimed the Dragon from the East had awakened, but it’s hard to say whether that unit is supposed to be the “dragon” itself. It was clear afterwards though that piloting “The Fool” is hard on Oda’s body and it’s up in the air right now whether this problem will persist.
Nobunaga the Fool Ep 2 Img 0022Oda really stood out to me as a real nice guy today. I appreciated how he treated Jeanne with respect, not ogling her like some other pervert (Hideyoshi). I was also thrilled to see that Jeanne was not as passive as she was last week and will deinitely continue to become more active as soon as the battle begins. Oda had told her that she needs to disguise herself as a boy and her name will be Ranmaru, as he had called her in her dreams. Actually speaking of which, this brings me back to the first scene in the premiere that I am now looking into more deeply…
At first I thought it could be two things: Either it’s a prophecy to the future, or fate is destined to be changed. It’s certainly a tough one to figure out because there was a scene where Oda’s father and younger brother Nobukatsu, and Oda’s father saw Jeanne’s face in his son. But while I went back to the first episode to re-watch the scene, this line: “Ranmaru! If there is a world after this one, then that is where we shall gain dominion!” had a whole new meaning: So that brings us to the third option: What we had seen in the first two minutes of the premiere was actually the the Gods (or whatever) had given both Jeanne and the Nobu Family a second chance with a destiny that will determine their fate? This makes it really interesting to me because Oda told Jeanne: “Who decides someone’s destiny? Are you going to spend your entire life following a “destiny” some complete stranger decided for you without your say-so?” It makes us take another look at destiny and how to interpret it. Mawaru Penguindrum actually provides several great examples. There are people who love destiny and fate, and there are some others who don’t (mainly because of how unfair life is to them). Varying on how it plays out, Fate and Destiny can either be a blessing or a curse. And sometimes, if you deny your fate/destiny by trying to change it, you will be cursed with misfortune, aka in this case: Disaster will fall upon their stars.
We were able to see both the OP and ED sequence this week. While the OP sequence as great, the song was okay, it not a favourite. The ED Theme however was pretty impressive. It was simple with some epic special effects and the music (omfg is it February yet?!) was awesome. God I seriously can’t wait for the whole original soundtrack to come out, it’s going to be amazing!
Before I finish up the entry: there was no particular signs of King Arthur this episode, nor was he introduced. It is making me me wonder though whether King Arthur is the masked man in the purple robe (who is also portrayed in the tapestries as the leader of the empire) just hasn’t been introduced yet. As for Mitsuhide, I have a feeling he likes Ichihime.


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  1. Crisp

    If you don’t know Japanese history, Mori Ranmaru was Oda Nobunaga’s valet and lover (the love of his life to be exact). They died together in 1582 in the temple of Honnō-ji. After being cornered and betrayed by Mitsuhide, Nobunaga committed suicide in company of Ranmaru who set fire to the temple they were in on his request so Mitsuhide wouldn’t claim their heads. After this, he also committed suicide to follow Oda in death.
    The historical Ranmaru and Joan of the show are identical if you cut her hair: same voice too.

    1. Eva

      OH GOD, the history feels!!!!!! I don’t know anything about Japanese history so that’s why I avoid bringing it up. No point discussing it when I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. XD Thanks for the history tidbit!

      1. Crisp

        No problem. It’s a tradition of Japanese pop culture that Ranmaru smells to orchids or is associated with them for his name too. The common theory right now is that the historical Joan reincarnated in Ranmaru (he was born long after she died) and now this new girl is his reincarnation. That’s why her figure and his are juxtaposed. Jeanne Kaguya is playing two roles: as Joan of Arc and Ranmaru Mori.

        1. Eva

          That’s a pretty cool theory that would blend in well with the third option I was thinking about.

  2. Dan

    Definitely better than last week’s episode; I really enjoyed myself. The characters were fleshed out much better, and Jeanne was more interesting.

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