Six years ago, the rebellion that led and won the Wind Revolution turned Balsteros Empire to a Republic. The rebellion was made out of the people of Balsteros Empire, who as Karl had described to be very cold towards his family. They led by Frontier Duke Ameriano, who supposedly sought revenge, partnered with Saint Aldista Priestess, Nina Viento who controls the wind. The people held a public execution for his father and beheaded him while imprisoning him and his mother for a while until the day came along for it to be her turn. That fated day came with both hope and despair, as while he lost his mother, he also was given hope by Michael Albus who took him and raised him ever since. But unfortunately despite his mother’s wish for him to learn to forgive, Kal-El still to this day wants revenge against Nina Viento.
I really don’t know what to expect out of Ignacio now. After today’s episode, it was revealed that he (most likely) was a supporter of the revolution as he was grinning maliciously at the sight of Kal-El and his family at their feet. I don’t know what’s going to happen from this point on and whether Kal-El and Ignacio will ever get along because god damn- this is one hell of deep hatred we have here. But I must say I am surprised that he has been passive for the past three episodes and I desperately want to hear a peep from him and see him in action for crying out loud! I am crossing my fingers that we will get that next week because for crying out loud- GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! Storms always comes with a good backstory and truth to the surface!
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Ep 3 Img 0022One of the few things that struck me was how Nina Viento was a little girl during the Wind Revolution. It makes me question what were her thoughts on the entire thing. Does she support their means or is she simply following orders? For most part, Nina is shown to be emotionless until that one brief second when Karl was shooting her the more ferocious glare that made her eyes widen. It is a tiny detail, but nevertheless it is an emotion that can either represent shock or fear. Without a doubt it will be very interesting to hear Nina’s side of the story, and what she thinks of Karl/Kal-El.
Another thing that I particularly liked this episode was how incredibly perspective and supportive Claire is. She isn’t useless and she makes a great partner with Kal-El because she is able to calmly assist him when he is in a state of panic (or suffering spatial disorder) with good instructions. Now that they have been separated from the others, I am sure Claire will take ahold of this opportunity to either confront Kal-El that she figured it out (I wouldn’t be surprised if she did), or will ask about why he harbours hatred towards Nina Viento.
Finally the wrap things up, the commander/general (whatever rank the guys is) ordered Sonia to start the formation training and ensure they understand the dogfights basics. Sonia is definitely against the idea because the students lack experience (they haven’t even been in school for a month yet!), and is dreading the idea that there will be a dogfight.


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  1. helen

    Ignacio looked pretty scraggly as a kid… quite different from the well-groomed young man we se today. Did he live in poverty during his childhood? I was also surprised when Ariel said that he wasn’t talented/ didn’t put in much effort in class… he looks exactly like the type who’d work hard to make up for anything he perceived as deficiencies (Which really begs Kal-el’s question: Why’d he enrol in the high school?). I also find it odd that it seemed like Claire was at least acquainted with him- did you see the look on her face after he left? Now that we know about Kal-el, the show’s big mysteries revolve around Claire (I think there’s something she’s not telling us- note her expression whenever the topic of Nina Viento came up), Ignacio and Nina Viento. I was hoping to see Ignacio and Ariel interact with each other- they have the potential for an amusing cat-dog dynamic, but it seems like she’s given up on him now.
    And really, Ignacio… why aren’t as verbal in the show as you are in the previews?

    1. Eva

      I feel like there’s a lot more to story and characters’ involvement, or at least their families in the Wind Revolution. I think once we have the opportunity to see someone else’s side of the story instead of solely from Kal-El’s perspective will be very interesting. There may be a possibility that Claire’s family is connected to the ones who overthrown the La Fire empire, but I’m not holding my breath for it until it seems likely. I am also terribly disappointed at the lack of Ignacio and Ariel interaction as well, but they are bound to for sure next week since the team will be searching for Kal-El and Claire.
      As for Ignacio’s fancier getup, either his family got some sort of promotion after the Wind Revolution, or life for the people itself improved since it’s no longer an empire, but a republic state. (I wouldn’t be too surprised if it were the later because of people were very unhappy with the La Kire family)

  2. Vantage

    Looks like time didn’t really do much to alleviate Kal-el’s intense rage… I really did feel his pain and despair though, especially as the execution would have seemed like unjustified cruelty from a child’s point of view.
    It’s also really ominous how he’s slowly working towards his revenge, bit by bit – it looks like he’s lying to Claire during flight lessons and telling her they’ve spent their ammo, when in reality he’s pocketing a couple of shells for the purposes of killing Nina Viento.

    1. Eva

      Ah! I can’t believe I overlooked that scene!!!! Yeah his rage hasn’t gone anywhere, if not only grown. Claire might be able to help him let that go, especially if there comes a point (and I’m sure there will be) when he has to make a choice: Save his friends, or selfishly attempt to assassinate Nina Viento.

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