It was difficult to breathe while watching this episode because I was basically holding my breath, waiting for the moment those stupid reporters to drop the bombs on Mayu. I am relieved that both Kouhei and President Tange quickly picked up that there was something wrong, but I wasn’t happy about how long they waited before they reacted. It was good to see Tange punch the guy in the face, but  part of me wished that she had broken the camera as well.
Admidst the dreadful moments, it made me happy to see Ota, a loyal Mayu fan braved his way into the ugly idol forums, fighting back against anti-fan’s responses despite his disappointment in people’s reactions. But it wasn’t just him that made me proud today, it was also the girls. I feared for the worse with the scandal news getting involved, but they had a good attitude. Instead of becoming frustrated and angry about being told: without Mayu, they are nothing, Mayu’s well-being was their number one concern. I really hope they do stick together like glue, because that is probably be the best thing they could do in order to stand up against the anti-fans and do everything in their power to prevent their group from falling apart. However we are only one episode four, so I am expecting at some point or another to witness drama within their group. Though the girls have shown remarkable patience and virtue, it is probably only a matter of time before someone snaps under the ugly pressure. But who knows, perhaps they will prove me wrong and pull through this mess strong!
AND MAN, talk about a huge contrast to the I-1 Club! That place is like a battlefield located in the deepest pit of hell. It is basically kill or be killed. If you’re too weak or aren’t considered working hard enough, you are either on stuck on the bench or a goner. That rivalry right there is what makes everything so ugly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some that played dirty. Bu what disturbed me the most was when the girls had to repeat this: “Don’t rest! Don’t complain! Don’t think!” And what does this tell me? This agency is insane. What really got to me was the “don’t think” part because that could also be interpreted as don’t question the way things are done. In fact, I think this element of I-1 Club has a big part with Mayu’s past. One of the girls that stood out the most was was Shiho. We don’t know much about her, but I suspect she is the one who took over Mayu’s position as the center. However judging by Shiho’s reaction to her making a comeback in the industry, I have a feeling that she views Mayu as her key rival that she wants to defeat. She looked pretty angry when she said, ‘She gave up on being an idol’. But now that she is back, she wants to be sure to crush her. Sadly, it appears that Megumi is the only one who is shown to continue to be a loyal friend to Mayu as she had spoken up in her defence saying, “Because she loves it”.
Luckily for us, Shiho is in Sendai so next week, we ought to learn a bit more about her relationship and backstory with Mayu.
Overall it was a pretty slow episode, but there is definitely drama brewing. With I-1 Club going around the country and is to perform in Sendai soon, we will see how things fare with Wake Up Girls as they try to make their breakthrough.


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  1. Noc

    Haaa, well, I was expecting something much worse! Bad things could (and probably will) still happen, but for now I’m happy that’s over with. I was also surprised that Tange or Kouhei didn’t stop them the minute they asked Mayu something completely unrelated to WUG, not to mention how sensitive a topic it was, but at least they were stopped in the end. So people are implying something indecent was happening behind the scenes? I’m a bit curious to find out the truth now, whereas before I didn’t care much about Mayu’s past and just wanted to see WUG develop.
    The I-1 Club is creepy as hell. “Don’t rest! Don’t complain! Don’t think!” woooow. If the environment was always like that, I’m surprised Mayu put up with it. Shihooo…I wonder if she’s act openly mean towards Mayu next week? On the other hand, it wouldn’t surprise me if she put on a smile and acted like a good buddy while saying and possibly doing all kinds of mean things behind the scenes. I’d definitely prefer the former- as harsh as it can be, I think it’s best for people to be upfront about their feelings in these kinds of situations. Not that Shiho has any valid reason to hate Mayu that I’m aware of =/ but people rarely do.

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