Hoozuki No Reitetsu ep 7

Hoozuki no Reitetsu episode 7

Alright, on to episode seven. What wacky adventures are we in for this time!? On a total side note of anything that’s probably going to happen into this episode. I can’t help but wonder how the real sports festival went. Did anyone die? All of our major characters are still alive, er, still…wait are demons alive? Since they’re demons were they ever alive to begin with like the spirits here or were they just born demons? I’m most likely far over thinking this. So lets focus on this episode.

Today we’re going to take a tour of Mortal Hell. Where the workers are mostly women and the spirits trapped there are the unfaithful. Male workers don’t last very long in this place. the young boys end up getting a tour from the very beautiful and sexy O-koh. It seems like they were also forming an all female torture team. I am totally convinced that this entire writing team is full of perverts now. I might of mere suspected it before, but I’m sure of it now.

off to the second part of the episode, so far it’s looking like an episode focusing somewhat around the great King Enma and his back problems. You know, now that I think about it. I can think of another anime King Enma is in. Dragon Ball Z. Well, time for some acupuncture.

King Enma would rather call Hakutaku, as we are all aware there is no way in Hell. [Get it? Hell? Okay, i’ll go back to my corner.]

The animal spirits come in and start helping work with King Enma. We go into a hilarious onslaught of home remedies for the cure to a bad back. I feel almost bad for King Enma in this series. Hoozuki does all sorts of horrible things to him. We also learn that Hoozuki can heal things, even though it can be a little brutal. sometimes…I think he might really be out to kill him…

well anyway, honestly compared to some of the others. These two stories were kind of massively boring, and visually there wasn’t a lot going on. Thus the massive lack of screen caps I have from this episode. There was just really nothing going on.  the only things that really made me laugh were the Mario reference and the idea that Hoozuki might be out to kill King Enma. Really nothing much else to say about this episode….see you next week.

[*turns back to psp and Dangan Ronpa* “Now I need to watch this show!!!”]

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One thought on “Hoozuki No Reitetsu ep 7”

  1. About whether oni is alive or not….

    From the baby oni, we can see that oni in hell can reproduce like humans. This, however, does not explain if oni can be killed in hell.
    We do know that some employees in hell, however, are indeed deceased people or characters from folklore.
    And yes, this includes King Enma. He can’t die because he is dead as Hoozuki said in this episode.
    In the episode King Enma mentioned himself about he was slim once in his life (this implies he had a life, now deceased).

    Btw, that electric cord on that mirror was lol.

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