Hoozuki No Reitetsu eps 5&6


      Hoozuki no Reitetsu episodes 5&6


Gah sorry again for the long absence. A lot has popped up but today we will be discussing two episodes of Hoozuki no Reitetsu episodes five and six. Then it’s off to go watch seven. We have another fairly interesting episode here showing us the similarities between Hakutaku and Hoozuki here this week. As they both work on medicines of their own, though one is more a demonic concoction and one is more of an actual medicine.
vlcsnap-5179391 vlcsnap-5179693
I think I’ll stick with the stuff Hakutaku is cooking, thanks.

They’re both without a important ingredient they need. Hakutaku needs the horn of Cow-head, one of the gate keepers of Hell. The one that Hoozuki needs is Horse head, another one of the gate keepers of Hell. I’m sure we can all tell where this is going.

Hilarious meet up!

As per normal for these two, they can’t see each other for more then a moment without beating each other up. We find out more about Hakutaku’s preferences for boobs of all sizes…though pretty sure when he said he wanted to be embraced by big boobs. He didn’t mean big cow boobs.

Meet Cow-Head one of the guardians of Hell. Who is apparently a member of the Hakutaku fan club. We also meet Horse-Head. Such interesting character designs. Not to mention they are perfectly in sync with one another. The boys get the things they came for and go. This first part of the episode is pretty interesting but it’s once again nothing compared to the second half. Keep the best for last I guess they always say.

We have the sports festival of Hell going on today! I suppose health is important even to the dead and demonic. Hoozuki has set it to make it so the challenges will be a little harder this year. Without even lord Enma knowing what he’s up to.

First there was the scavanger hunt, the items on it being such things as your true love and a wig. We get some focus on the smaller demons i’ve never really learned the names of up until this point. The white haired boy is named Nasubi and he won with no hesitation at all. This sets us up for the last trial but first….

We have events not just for the demons but for the animals as well. Including a special guest from the faraway European Hell, Cerberus. The fight is instantly given up by Japanese Hell’s representative due to his desire to live for his wife and unborn puppies. You may actually remember this dog as the one who married Shiro’s boss a few episodes ago. With that over as quickly as it was, it’s on to the next event.
vlcsnap-5183556 vlcsnap-5183435

Including the Exorcist foot race, which aside from looking like it hurts is pretty funny due to the addition of the classical music playing in the background. “Offenbach’s “Heaven and Hell.” The overwhelming urge to sing the “Fighting Foodons” opening over this scene was pretty hard to overcome. I’d never actually known the name of the classical music that was in the background of that opening so it was rather educational for me.
That does not look like fun at all.

The last event is the Giant Ball roll, which is one huge machine. I know there is a name for it but I can’t recall what these machines are called. In the end it looks like everyone is going to die. Hoozuki however sweeps in and saves the day. Though he won’t due the same thing for the real event tomorrow…..

Oh dear.

Hells idol Peach Maki. Is totally adorable, in some strange way she reminds me of Maiyuri from Steins;Gate. There is also a cat paparazzi of the River Styx weekly. He’s gotten tired of celebrity gossip. Now he’s set his sights on Hoozuki. Who honestly wants nothing to do with it. He ended up saying yes in the end.
vlcsnap-5170122 vlcsnap-5170737
Sleezey cat reporter is sleezey.

Hoozuki however is trying to push this interview off on everyone he could, including King Enma and Shiro. Hoozukki trolls the poor reporter cat and gives it a picture of himself with a naked old lady demon in the background.


Hooozuki ends up on a train with Peach Maki. We learn that she was a shop keeper before she was an idol.
In the end, he got a imageless scoop, the magazine so worthless not even a dog would want to eat it.

Part two, Beelzebub which is Satan’s right hand man. He looks sort of like a fairy, though I get those are supposed to be fly wings. I think he is part lizard or crocodile as well. I feel like just like Satan, Beelzebub will end up fearing Hoozuki as much as Satan did when Satan came to visit Japanese Hell. I was completely wrong on this account.

There seems to be some signing agreement between the two hells. Hoozuki is a very busy man, having to dash right off to Chinese hell. Apparently Satan has a thing for girls in maid outfits. Somehow Beelzabub and Hoozuki bond with each other. Thinking they wouldn’t mind entertaining each other next time.
vlcsnap-5171596 vlcsnap-5172034

The real lesson of this episode? Maid outfits are awesome. I really liked these two episodes, meeting new characters is always fun and I always get a certain kick out of seeing how they design characters from European Hell. Beelzabub is one of the more colorful characters we’ve seen with his green hair. I really love what they did with him overall. Also something very important in this episode that I totally grazed over is Shiro’s old boss. The one that got married, she had her puppies! Yay!

Though I have to ask, is the entire writing staff made up of perverts? First Hakutaku is a raging pervert, now Satan. How strange. That’s about all that happened in these episodes, now off to episode seven!


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  1. The part where Hoozuki told them to repeat the rehearsal made me laugh pretty hard.

    About that picture with Shiro and the Stripping Hag. I’m actually curious what’ll happen if the reporter cat used it in his article lol. (I find it’ll fit definitely in the 10 best ways to reduce viewership for your magazine)

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