Noragami Episode 8: Breaking Point

Noragami Ep 8 Img 0021*SOBS* OH MAN, THE FEELS!!!! ; ____ ; I knew this episode was going to kill me. It broke my heart in a million pieces when Yukine realized what he so desperately wanted but is now out of reach since he is dead. It is so upsetting because Yukine died young, and here we see him missing and wanting the simple things such as going to school, hanging out with friends, playing games, it’s basically went from what could be to what it could’ve been. (God seeing him put on the uniform and do a couple of questions ripped my heart out!) But more importantly, I especially loved how this particular event was set up. Their customer Manabu wished he could disappear so that he wouldn’t be bullied anymore. Yukine of course who is extremely sensitive about death and has a short fuse just waiting to detonate was angry at the student so he refused to help with the job. But it feelsl ike Yato had chosen this job on purpose, so that Yukine could have the opportunity to finally clear his vision, vent out his anger and despair. However, it came with a risk.
Manabu and Yukine had a parallel situation where each individual party had to make a choice. They either cross the line and lose their humanity in the process, or they don’t. Manabu was able to step away from the line and choose humanity. But remember this kid is alive, Yukine isn’t, he’s dead. The case of being dead makes it all more difficult to cling that thread of humanity. After all, what is there to lose if you are already dead? This is probably why Yukine didn’t even blink when he decided to go around smashing the windows, endangering the students inside. Not only that, but while he was angry, and sad, he was also extremely envious which is the key sin that is responsible for blighting Yato so much.
Noragami Ep 8 Img 0035Although it was a bit of a stupid plan, you really have to give major props to Yato for enduring the blight to this extent, knowing that his life is at risk. He shows that he has uttermost faith in Yukine, but unfortunately it was already too late, Yukine had crossed the line. When Hiyori found Yukine and told him that the blight is his fault, and that Yato had endured it up to this point, Yukine was bewildered by the fact Yato would even do that. Remember he hasn’t realized yet how much Yato actually cares for him, and that despite all the trouble he had put him through, he still hasn’t given up on him.
Hiyori had a lighter role this episode, but she was still a mighty badass. Seeing her punish the boys for being in the ladies washroom, to carrying Yato who is is in critical condition right now (and is getting blighted in the process due to it being contagious), and then lecturing Yukine, ensuring that he comes along with her to get help from Kofuku, was just plain awesome. Unfortunately for them, Daikoku put up the borderline when it sunk it just how bad condition the three of them are in.
Noragami Ep 8 Img 0012Speaking of badass, Kofuku deserves the Queen title today. SHE IS FEARLESS. When Bishamon suspected Kofuku opening vents to keep her busy and away from Yato, Kofuku was like, “Bitch if something were to happen to Yato, you will pay.” And nobody wants to mess with the Goddess of Proverty! Kekekekekekek…
With only 12 episodes in this series, it looks like Bishamon’s arc is only addressed if there is ever to be a second season (LET THERE BE A SECOND SEASON PLEASEEEEEE THERE IS SO MUCH GOODIES TO ANIMATE). Instead it looks like the last few episodes will end up focusing on the original character and his connection with Yato. I must say though I am surprised that the Original Character hasn’t had a serious role as of yet, but I am certainly not complaining. Had they done so, they probably would have ruined the adaption for sure.


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  1. If Noragami does not get a second season, I will be so pissed!!!! No one really knew this series at all and it came out of nowhere! I was looking forward to a few series, but many of them ended up being pretty bad and after the first few episodes of Noragami, I was completely grabbed. I read the manga which is even better, and I have “read” all of the raws… the story is just so good!!! And the characters are extremely likeable too!!!!

    1. I KNOWWWW RIGHT! I was hooked right away and I could not keep myself away from the manga! (Usually I wait until the anime adaption ends when I haven’t read the manga) AND THANK GOD KODANSHA USA COMICS LICENSED THE MANGA SO SOON!!!!! I don’t know how long I would have been able to wait for someone to license it. The characters are just so awesome, the girls are all queens (even Nora), the guys are total dorks and I LOVE IT. It would hurt my soul if this show doesn’t get a second season so I am crossing my fingers that it will.

  2. Aaah, this was a great episode that adapted one of my favorite parts of the manga to near perfection. I especially loved the glass breaking scene and the point where Hiyori willingly left her body to help Yato, both were sad and beautiful. The only thing that would have made this better would be if they hadn’t toned down Yukine’s misdeeds compared to the manga, but I shouldn’t be so picky lol
    The anime OC appearing in the opening credits made me cringe, but I’m glad he didn’t show up in this episode. The manga has so much good stuff going on in it, it’d be such a shame if they didn’t make a second season. I really think Noragami should have been given a full 24 episodes considering how the story takes time to build up- it’s just not one to be rushed. Anime-only viewers will be expecting some kind of ‘big climax’ by episode 12 so I suppose an original ending can’t be avoided, but as long as it doesn’t create any plotholes for future events, there’s still hope for a second season!

    1. Yeah it’s’ shame they toned down on it, but at least they did a pretty good job. By now they definitely had enough material to make 24 episodes, but like I was telling my friends, there’s a chance that at the time whenever they had first decided to do the adaption, there weren’t enough chapters to make 24 episodes.
      I have faith in both BONES and the Mangaka that the original character won’t screw things up. If anything, I see it as potentially a side story that was simply unwritten since the Mangaka created the Original Character. They said that the OC will be what Yato could have been. So I think this can be a really interesting insight, especially considering what we have been seeing in the manga right now. In any case it could be like squeezing in that “side story” in between the two arcs, which would help them avoid that original ending, and potentially leave it open enough to continue in the future.
      Based on my experience, when the Mangaka is the one to create the Original Character to put into the adaption, it usually turns out better as oppose to the OC being created by the adaptions’ production team without the mangaka’s input.

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